Gaming News Roundup | LOTSO 26

Gaming News Roundup | LOTSO 26

They guys don’t chat about the news often, but when they do you can bet it’s about the important topics. LOTSO’s conversational approach to covering news leads us from story to story this week. We share our insights and update you on topics we think you’re going to dig!

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-Vicarious Visions Hit With Layoffs, FreeStyle Games Future In Doubt
-Guitar Hero shut down
Harmonix issues statement on ending of Guitar Hero franchise
Cheap Games a Risk To the Industry, Says Nintendo President
HTC investing $40M in OnLive for smartphone gaming
Madden 11 data trends show players jumping on Packers bandwagon
Analysis: World of Goo’s iPad Launch

Game Notes:
Quick Champions Online
Nba 2k11


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