Drive-By Advice | LINUX Unplugged 34

Drive-By Advice | LINUX Unplugged 34

We debate the validity of recent anti-Linux comments made on a nationally syndicated radio show, and the more subtle and larger “built-in bias” many in the tech community still hold towards Linux.

Plus: Your follow up on the Mir/Wayland topic, Ubuntu’s Amazon lens goes opt-in, and more!

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April Fool: Should I Install Linux on an Old Computer?: The Tech Guy 1069 – YouTube

Leo Laporte goes over the pros and cons of installing Linux on an old computer.

Ubuntu To Make Amazon Product Results \’Opt-In’

But before anyone unpacks the party poppers in jubilation there are caveats to note: **Amazon results are not being removed entirely, **and the change is not going to take effect in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

  • The headline is a little bit misleading. What actually is going to happen is that the next iteration of Unity8 will drop the concept of the \”Home scope\” in favour of a \”Scopes scope\”. That way, when you type a search term into the Dash, it\’s not a selection of results from different scopes that will surface, but a selection of scopes from which you choose the one you are interested in. So, yes, in a sense, that makes all scopes (and among them the Amazon scope) opt-in.

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