Gozer Remastered | STOked 71

Gozer Remastered | STOked 71

The remastered Stranded in Space episode is hot stuff, so we asked Gozer to come on the show and chat about what goes on behind the scenes to create these upgraded adventures!

First up is the latest news on the “Duty Officer” system, followed by our review of the new weekly episode “Frozen”. We’ll debate if this mission fell a bit short of expectations, or sets us up for a dramatic thrill!

Plus: Chris shares his thoughts on the new Captain’s Yacht vet reward.

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Show Notes:


New Info About The Duty Officer System

Boffs can be trained and assigned to positions on your ship.

*Chief Medical Officer
*First Officer
*Chief Engineer
*There are separate NEW crew members that are your duty officers
*These guys fill out your ship’s duty roster and give you passives, crafting unlocks, etc
*These can not be bridge officers
*Duty Officers aren’t trainable, can’t level, can’t go on away missions with you, etc.

Screen shot
Here’s how it works:

More info from dstahl

Bridge Officers are fully featured pets that you can customize, level, and take on away teams.

Duty Officers are predefined crew that occupy an org chart on your ship to perform a specific function (add a bonus). They are not customizable, they do not level up, and cannot go on away team missions with you.

Where some confusion might be coming from is the idea that we want duty officers to perform assignment missions. An example would be – send these 3 guys to go find stuff. an hour later they return with stuff. You did not accompany them, it all happens outside of view in the background. While the three are gone you cannot use them for anything else.

For now, Bridge Officers and Duty Officers do not mix. This may change in the future, but right now they are two completely different types of crew.

“More Trek” music on the way?

Q: I was hoping you guys would consider adding more music into STO that comes from the movies and series.

DAN-THE-ANSWERMAN: “were working on it. Keep your ears on good buddy. could happen sooner than you think.”

TOS interior Update

  • *The entire interior will be TOS
  • *you will have a ready room
  • “constant task that we have to go back and make sure missions work with the new interior.” Now that’s a growing problem!
  • *Reference photo

CrypticMatt Tweeted a super high-res Gorn model
Cutting the Cord (Episode 5 of Cloaked Intentions) City scape.
TOS Bridge – Looks Amazing, aka OMG OMG OMG, IE, OMGWTFBBQ want.

Capt Yacht Review:

  • *The days counted toward this perk or achievement are only the days with an active subscription to the game after the game was officially launched
  • *Your time starts when you started to actually pay for the game. If you paid for a lifetime sub when they went on sale during Open Beta, then your time started the day you bought the lifetime sub.
  • *If you subscribed during Open Beta on any other subscription plan (monthly, etc.), then your time started after your 30 day free trial was up, which was 30 days after the 2/2/10 Release day (or March 4, 2010).
  • *Pick it up from the Shuttle Vendor at ESD or Qonos.

Send in suggestions to improve/overhaul the Captain’s Table


Episode 3 of Featured Episode Series: “Frozen”
“A tricky political situation must be resolved with quick thinking and a deal that could backfire.”

dstahl’s comments on Saturday server outage fixes

  • One the changes we’ve made is in relation to shutting down instance maps that you have just left and fixing some logic on the load balancer.
  • More hardware was added

More details from Rehpic


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