Windows eXPired | LINUX Unplugged 35

Windows eXPired | LINUX Unplugged 35

XP support ends today and we’ll celebrate the occasion by debating what prevents technical users switching to Linux, address some common myths, and set a course for our new howto show.

Plus why Chase and Matt are wrong about DS9, blaming choice, your feedback, and more!

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How Hard Is It to Switch to Linux?

I was tired of things breaking from nowhere, or being frustrated with certain second-rate apps, and even though I learned a lot—and I LOVED the command line and package management—it just was too much trouble for me day-to-day. I never thought I\’d see Windows as an OS that \”just works,\” but compared to Linux, it really fit that bill in my experience.

What does a beginner need to know before switching to Ubuntu? – Ask Ubuntu

What are the first things I have to do when I completed the installation?

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