Intel NUC Review | LAS s31e08 (308)

Intel NUC Review | LAS s31e08 (308)

Can the Intel NUC be a no compromises Linux desktop? Or are there a few challenges you need to know? Spoiler Alert: There are, and we’ve solved them. Find out how the Intel NUC Performance a Gnome 3.12 full fledged desktop.

Plus: One of the biggest games of the year just announced Linux Support, our thoughts on Heartbleed and what it says about the open development model, the post XP era…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Intel NUC Desktop Linux Review


Brought to you by: System76

  • Outside of video games, it has a completely uncompromised feeling and desktop experience. Video games do work well at lower resolutions, but struggle at 1080p.
  • This NUC requires 1.35 volt memory, it also required timing 11 not timing 9 memory. The computer will not boot with 1.5 volt memory or refresh timing 9 memory. This applies to newer generation NUCs, which is fairly confusing as older generations accepted both 1.5 and 1.35v memory.

My NUC as Speced:

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Runs Linux: This Morse Code Flashing, Enigma Style Encryption Box, Runs Linux.

Desktop App Pick

Bookie – bookmark your web
Bookie Features
  • Open source!
  • Imports from, Google Bookmarks, Google Chrome, and Firefox.
  • Google Chrome extension
  • Firefox extension
  • Bookmarklet for other browsers (mobile devices)
  • Store page content and fulltext searches it
  • Support for Sqlite, MySQL, and Postgresql
  • Mobile friendly responsive layout
  • Android app

Weekly Spotlight

CoreOS is Linux for Massive Server Deployments

CoreOS is one of the few. While CoreOS is originally based on Chrome OS (another of the few), it has a much different target than that mobile-focused distribution; CoreOS calls itself: “Linux for Massive Server Deployments”.


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NSA Said to Exploit Heartbleed Bug for Intelligence for Years

The Heartbleed flaw, introduced in early 2012 in a minor adjustment to the OpenSSL protocol, highlights one of the failings of open source software development.

While many Internet companies rely on the free code, its integrity depends on a small number of underfunded researchers who devote their energies to the projects.

The Many Alternative Computing Worlds of Linux

<img src=“” title=Bohdi Linux"/>

It may not be widely known, but Linux did revolutionize computing. If you own an Android phone or a Kindle e-reader, you are a Linux user. Linux is at the core of those popular devices and is found in a variety of other places, from the world’s most powerful supercomputers down to the tiny Raspberry Pi device that is a favorite among electronics hobbyists.

Star Citizen Confirmed for Linux – Information in Comments

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