Streaming Soapbox | J@N | 2.22.11

Streaming Soapbox | J@N | 2.22.11

This morning, the online streaming market exploded as Amazon landed a nut-punch to Netflix by announcing their own streaming service. FREE for Amazon Prime members. Netflix quickly responded with an announcement of their own, revealing a partnership with CBS.

Tonight, we’re taking a closer look at each of these announcements, and seeing how they really stack up against one another. Is Amazon priming up to knock Netflix from the top dog position as King of Streaming? Or can Netflix withstand the punishment?

Show Feeds:

Show Notes: launches free media streaming for Prime members

  • More than 5,000 movies & TV shows will become available
  • More than 65 million visitors log on to the company’s site each month
  • Amazon Prime also offers free 2-day shipping on most products
  • Some doubt the future of content availability, but others are optimistic since Amazon has had a long-term relationship with many studios as a DVD distributor.

CBS and Netflix announce 2-year licensing partnership for entire library

  • A few titles included: Frasier, Cheers, Medium, Flashpoint, Family Ties, Hawaii 5-0, Twin Peaks.
  • And of course, STAR TREK. All of it?
  • This service will launch in early April.
    • Reactive, premature announcement due to Amazon’s release? YES.

Cost and Tech Comparisons:

  • Amazon Prime requires annual contracts, paid in 12-month lump sum.
  • Netflix can be cancelled at any time, but costs slightly more per month.
  • Amazon can stream to Android devices, Netflix cannot.
  • Amazon already owns the infrastructure to deliver this tech, Netflix has to rent it (sometimes from Amazon!)
  • Amazon is launching with “more than 5000 titles” while Netflix had more than 12,000 titles as of TWO YEARS AGO.

Judge Orders Shutdown of TV Streaming Service
Sign up for Amazon Prime, or try it free for one month:
(Note: Students can get Amazon Prime for FREE, but it does not include video streaming)

Additional Netflix sites: — for ‘insider’ news from an independent source — an easier-to-use interface for browsing Netflix’s online catalog


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