Coliseum Review | STOked 72

Coliseum Review | STOked 72

To keep the focus on the hottest topic this week, we jump STRAIGHT into Tactical View to review “Coliseum” – the latest mission in the Cloaked Intentions featured episode series. Due to continued inclement weather, this episode has Jeremy joining the show via Subspace communications!

After that, we take LIVE call-ins from our audience members to discuss their take on the latest weekly mission, plus their thoughts on the new open jacket uniforms.

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Feds get craftable Lirpa (also available on C-Store, includes bat’leth also)
(pic @ MemAlpha)

“Open Jacket” uniforms also land on C-Store
About 10 separate uniforms in one pack, including two separate styles.

Tweet Leaks:
Shot of MVAM in action (and confirmation that you can choose the section to control)
Updated texture on Cheyenne cruiser variant
TOS Lounge

Stahl is interested in releasing a Mac client
Stahl’s Foundry update (on Tribble in the next couple days, early March on Holodeck)
Sounds likely that Series 4 won’t land til after Season 4 (~May)


Review of “Coliseum”

– Obisek intro
– Wrecked shipyard
– Station puzzles (MATH!)
– Ship Wreck
– Cut Scenes (Where am I cut scene? – great)
– Amok Time music FTW
– Regen spores in the Arena – nice touch!
– A lot of running around
– Worm things up out of the ground, Chris liked!
– Chris liked consoles to activate guns to shoot worms
– Favorite Ending yet: The last-second beam out (CLASSIC!)
– Reward shield is awesome


A very special feedback segment today, where we took the live calls from a few audience members to discuss recent news and events.  Tune in for the details!

Next week:  We will share your suggestions on revamping the Captain’s Table


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