LinuxFest Northwest 2014 | LAS s31e10 (310)

LinuxFest Northwest 2014 | LAS s31e10 (310)

Highlights from this year’s LinuxFest Northwest. We chat with Jon “Maddog” Hall, Red Hat, Linode, and many more from the floor or the biggest LinuxFest Northwest yet.

Plus: Why the Linux Foundation might just be the best choice to fund openSSL, some Heartbleed follow up with Allan…


All this week on, the Linux Action Show!

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— Show Notes: —

LinuxFest Northwest 2014


Brought to you by: System76

  • Valve Controller

  • Microsoft

  • Crouton

  • User focused

  • Canonical / Ubuntu feels totally outside of the conversation. Not that it’s avoided, it’s just not in the scope of the discussion. When asked folks tend to, often begrudgingly, admit to using Unity. It’s superior support for touch has been frequently cited.

  • So. Many. LAS. Fans. Seriously. The Linux Action Show rocked LinuxFest Northwest this year. We were an army, and it literally became ridiculous and absolutely amazing at the same time.

  • Project Atomic

  • Chat with Maddog

  • Crowd

  • Friday q5sys asked:

What do you think it is about this year that’s so different? What’s driven everyone out here, why this year?

  • This year was the mark of a new beginning. For LFNW it was the beginning of an era where every solution is welcome, and all of us, Microsoft, hardware, makers, idealists, those BSD jerks, and the hackers are ready to just solve problems.
  • the “post PC” era is here, and it’s amazing. Because it’s made of fanless incredibly small i5 powered Fedora rocking Wifi ninjas, and an army of Raspberry Pi type devices.

  • Our Crew. Every single one of them brought the A Game and they individually went above and beyond any reasonable expectation. Thank goodness there’s nothing reasonable about our show.

  • Linux Action Show pulled folks from all over the world, and that is simply amazing. We packed that Spark museum to tight they had to show the Tesla coil in shifts. And while we can’t claim credit for it all, it’s awesome to be part of a harmony of events that have brought more people together than ever in an age of over commercialized, PR blitz shows.
  • LinuxFest Northwest should be looked at as a model not just for all open source related conferences, but for the industry as a whole. The amount of real connections, decisions made, and information provided in a single day is staggering.

— Picks —

Runs Linux

PiPhone – A Raspberry Pi based Smartphone

Desktop App Pick


ScreenStudio is a small tool that will help you broadcast or record your desktop to create a screencast with your webcam in overlay.

Weekly Spotlight

Band releases album as Linux kernel module

— NEWS —

Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, NetApp, Qualcomm, VMware And The Linux Foundation Form New Initiative To Prevent The Next Heartbleed

Google, Intel, Microsoft, NetApp, Qualcomm, VMware and The Linux Foundation today announced the “Core Infrastructure Initiative.” This initiative will fund and support important open source projects “that are in need of assistance.”

DIY Wearable Pi with Near-Eye Video Glasses

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