GDC 2011 – Day One | J@N | 3.1.11

GDC 2011 – Day One | J@N | 3.1.11

Yes, we’re gamers. So when a convention called the “Game Developers’ Conference” gets together, we pay attention. On tonight’s episode, we’ll be taking a look at some of the info that’s come out from Day One of GDC 2011 (the conference’s 25th anniversary), as well as scouring for speculation on what else may pop up over the coming days.


Google hands out CR-48 laptops to GDC attendees

Angry Birds Panel gets a surprise
– The open-source physics engine used in the game (Box2D) is not credited anywhere in the game/app. The inventor of Box2D snuck up to the mic during the Q&A and asked if it could be credited. Producer responds “let’s talk after the panel” to applause.

Humble Indie Bundle retrospective
– Over $3million earned between the two bundles, >$1million for charity
– Steam users paid less than average independent downloaders.
– Linux users almost doubled the average contributions of Windows and OSx, on a per-purchase basis.

Minecraft getting a lot of attention
Nominated for 3 awards at Indie Game Fest (a sub-conference of GDC)
Recently announced official plans to release iOS version
Follow Notch on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates
Mojang officially announced next title:  “Scrolls”

Valve/Steam announces “Big Picture Mode” to turn your PC into a console
– Controller-friendly interface, designed for easy navigation of your existing Steam library on TVs and PC monitors.

Magicka announces expansion pack: “Vietnam”
– Ridiculous, and highly inappropriate. But also looks like a lot of fun.


What people WANT to hear in the MMO community:
– Info on: Black Prophecy, Secret World, Jumpgate: Evolution, Fallout Online, The Agency
– Launch dates for:  SW:TOR and Guild Wars 2

What people WANT to hear about offline games:
– Half-Life 2, Episode 3
– The future role of mobile games (alternative? mainstream? console killer?)
– Epic Games (UT, GoW) plans to announce a new IP

And if they don’t announce it at GDC, PAX East is next weekend!


Official GDC Schedule

IGN’s coverage
Joystiq’s coverage
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If you keep your eyes on GDC as it continues through Thursday, remember to Skype in after our Thursday show to share further thoughts on any news that interests you! (must have Skype 5.0)


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