Show Me The Tablets | J@N | 3.2.11

Show Me The Tablets | J@N | 3.2.11

In case you were living beneath the largest rock every invented, you are aware that the iPad TWO was announced today. In addition to covering some of the hot, Hot, HOT features, we’ll also spend some time discussing the announcement itself, and how other tablets (either on the market, or coming soon) stack up to this new offering.

Could tablets replace PCs in the near future? Does Apple deserve the hype surrounding this product? Does any competitor (XOOM, PlayBook, LG G-Slate, etc) have a chance of survival?

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Show Notes:

iPad2 announced today
– Thinner
– Awesome battery life
– Face-Time @ 720p
– AirPlay
– Cost comparison
– The neat cover thing (video)
iMovie and GarageBand
– It just lapped everyone else — Xoom, Playbook, GalaxyTab, etc

Jobs did the announcing, talked some trash about big companies
– His appearance broke the internet

Tablet Comparison Infographic

iPad 1 vs. iPad 2

XOOM comparison

PlayBook faces rough launch in ~2 months


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