Fine Wine or Sour Ports | LINUX Unplugged 42

Fine Wine or Sour Ports | LINUX Unplugged 42

Liam from Gaming on Linux joins us to discuss the Witcher 2 port fiasco, and why Linux’s reputation as a gaming platform could be on the line.

Plus a heated Manjaro discussion, your feedback, and a BIG announcement!

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The Witcher 2 Drama:

Guest: Liam Dawe (upurtweet) on Twitter

Full time dad, owner of @gamingonlinux and writer for @linuxvoice !

eON is a middle ground idea between what WINE does, and a native port. It is tuned and customised to each game we port — we do not simply slap a Windows binary into it and ship the game. For example, we often customise the D3D9->GL code path in various ways to cater for the title. Shaders are often rewritten to native GLSL, etc.

_The problem is if we keep accepting ports at a sub-par quality then Linux will gain a reputation for having low quality games. Think about that big picture for a moment, seriously.


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