Google Deploys Skynet | Tech Talk Today 1

Google Deploys Skynet | Tech Talk Today 1

Special guest Alan Pope and I kick off episode 1 of Tech Talk Today. Topics include the fall of TrueCrypt, Chris digging for Ubuntu phone info, what the heck is Tech Talk Today all about and more!

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True Goodbye: ‘Using TrueCrypt Is Not Secure’ — Krebs on Security

The anonymous developers responsible for building and maintaining the free whole-disk encryption suite TrueCrypt apparently threw in the towel this week, shuttering the TrueCrypt site and warning users that the product is no longer secure now that Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP.

Tales from the TrueCrypt | TechSNAP 164

The TrueCrypt project has shut down, and we\’ll run down what we think is the most likely answer to this sudden mystery is.

GRC\’s | TrueCrypt, the final release, archive

  • And then the TrueCrypt developers were heard from

  • Steven Barnhart (@stevebarnhart) wrote to an eMail address he had used before and received several replies from \”David.\”

  • The following snippets were taken from a twitter conversation which then took place between Steven Barnhart (@stevebarnhart) and Matthew Green (@matthew_d_green):

  • TrueCrypt Developer \”David\”: \”We were happy with the audit, it didn\’t spark anything. We worked hard on this for 10 years, nothing lasts forever.\”

  • Steven Barnhart (Paraphrasing): Developer \”personally\” feels that fork is harmful: \”The source is still available as a reference though.\”
  • Steven Barnhart: \”I asked and it was clear from the reply that \”he\” believes forking\’s harmful because only they are really familiar w/code.\”
  • Steven Barnhart: \”Also said no government contact except one time inquiring about a \’support contract.\’ \”
  • TrueCrypt Developer \”David\” said: \”Bitlocker is \’good enough\’ and Windows was original \’goal of the project.\’ \”
  • Quoting TrueCrypt Developer David: \”There is no longer interest.\”

Ubuntu Phone

This evening I will mostly be going to the pub with an #Ubuntu phone and a notebook. My pub friends always find bugs I don't.

— Alan Pope ㋛ (@popey) May 30, 2014

Reviews and ratings now work in Ubuntu phone. 🙂

— Alan Pope ㋛ (@popey) May 12, 2014



Alan Pope works with the Ubuntu community to deliver beautiful apps on the phone, tablet, desktop, fridge…


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