Introducing Bedrock Linux | LAS 316

Introducing Bedrock Linux | LAS 316

With Bedrock Linux you are longer restricted to any single Linux distro’s userland. Mix CentOS, Arch, Debian, Ubuntu and more all on the same installation! You can have your cake and eat it too! Want X11 from Debian and Chromium from Arch? No problem! We’ll show you how Bedrock Linux makes it all possible.

Plus: A new round of SSL vulnerabilities strike Linux, the FSF helps you encrypt your emails and a quick steam roundup…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Bedrock Linux:


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Bedrock Linux

  • Bedrock Linux 1.0alpha4 Flopsie

Bedrock Linux is a Linux distribution created with the aim of making most of the (often seemingly mutually-exclusive) benefits of various other Linux distributions available simultaneously and transparently.

If one would like a rock-solid stable base (for example, from Debian or a RHEL clone) yet still have easy access to cutting-edge packages (from, say, Arch Linux), automate compiling packages with Gentoo\’s portage, and ensure that software aimed only for the ever popular Ubuntu will run smoothly – all at the same time, in the same distribution – Bedrock Linux will provide a means to achieve this.

Bedrock Linux: Introduction

brc (\”BedRock Chroot\”)

_brc__provides the ability to run commands in clients, properly chrooting to
avoid conflicts. Once Bedrock Linux is properly set up, it will allow the user
to transparently run commands other__wise not available in a given client. For
example, if _firefox__is installed in a Arch client but not in a Debian client,
and a program from the Debian client tries to execute __firefox_
, the Arch
_firefox__will be executed as though it were installed locally in Debian.

If __firefox__is installed in multiple clients (such as Arch and Fedora), and
the user would like to specify which is to run (rather than allowing Bedrock
Linux to chose the default), one can explicitly call __brc_
, like so: _brc
fedora firefox_

If no command is given, brc will attempt to use the user\’s current $SHELL.
If the value of $SHELL is not available in the client it will fail.

Bedrock Linux presentation at Ohio Linuxfest 2012 – YouTube

The audio from the Bedrock Linux presentation at the Ohio Linuxfest 2012 was recorded; however, the video was not. For convenience this is played over the slides here. Sadly, no demos are visible here.

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OPI – Reclaim Your Digital Life

OPI is your private cloud with no third party eyes on your information. Still OPI will also allow you to share information with others, on your conditions.

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Otter Browser

Otter Browser, project aiming to recreate classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5.

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— NEWS —

A New Round Of OpenSSL Vulnerabilities Discovered


The latest flaw is less of a risk than Heartbleed, because it would require hackers to locate themselves between computers communicating, such as over a public Wi-Fi network.

The new attack does have other limitations: It can only be used when both ends of a connection are running OpenSSL. Most browsers use other SSL implementations and so aren’t affected, says Ivan Ristic, director of engineering at the security firm Qualys, though he adds that Android web clients likely do use the vulnerable code. Among servers, only those using more recent versions of SSL are affected–about 24 percent of the 150,000 servers that Qualys has scanned. He also warns that many VPNs may use OpenSSL and thus be vulnerable. “VPNs are a very juicy target,” Ristic says. “People who really care about security use them, and there’s likely to be sensitive data there.”

GnuTLS Flaw Leaves Many Linux Users Open To Attacks

A new flaw has been discovered in the GnuTLS cryptographic library that ships with several popular Linux distributions and hundreds of software implementations. According to the bug report, \”A malicious server could use this flaw to send an excessively long session id value and trigger a buffer overflow in a connecting TLS/SSL client using GnuTLS, causing it to crash or, possibly, execute arbitrary code.\” A patch is currently available, but it will take time for all of the software maintainers to implement it.
A lengthy technical analysis is available. \”There don\’t appear to be any obvious signs that an attack is under way, making it possible to exploit the vulnerability in surreptitious \”drive-by\” attacks. There are no reports that the vulnerability is actively being exploited in the wild.\”

Reset the Net with our email self-defense guide

Google Online Security Blog: Making end-to-end encryption easier to use

Today, we’re adding to that list the alpha version of a new tool. It’s called End-to-End and it’s a Chrome extension intended for users who need additional security

ChromeBrew: 3rd party package manager for Chrome OS.


Chromebooks with Chrome OS run a linux kernel – the only missing piece to use them as full-featured linux distro was gcc and make with their dependencies. Well, the piece isn\’t missing anymore. Say hello to chromebrew!

Steam Hits The Big 500 For Linux Games

That is one heck of a milestone isn\’t it? 500 Linux compatible games are now on Steam which is a pretty great number to point anyone at. No longer will people keep stating \”but Linux has no games\”

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  • Texas Linux Fest 2014 JB Check-In

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  • June 13-14th
  • q5sys will be giving away two RPi.
  • Check in on the LAS sub thread, and say hi to q5sys at SELF.
  • One on Friday, and one on Saturday.
  • Also catch his talk 5:15-6:15: Puppy Linux Deconstructed: About all the technical wizardry behind puppy which makes it work like it does.

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