E3 Pre-Show | Tech Talk Today 5

E3 Pre-Show | Tech Talk Today 5

Microsoft’s big announcement is moments away, and we round up the expectations and potential surprises from the event. Plus Popcorn time gives users a built in VPN, Crypto ransomware for Android and more!

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How to Watch Microsoft\’s E3 Show Live, and What to Expect

Microsoft\’s E3 event is its biggest opportunity to distinguish the Xbox One from the PlayStation 4 and help close the gap on Sony\’s sales lead. Still, with a newly-appointed CEO and Phil Spencer now heading the company\’s Xbox division, there\’s no telling what Microsoft has in store

\’Popcorn Time\’ Gives Users Anonymity With a Free Built-In VPN

One of the Popcorn Time forks has included a free VPN option in its software, allowing users to hide their IP-addresses from the public, This feature is a response to copyright trolls, who regularly send settlement requests to users who pirate movies via BitTorrent.

“WARNING Your phone is locked!” Crypto ransomware makes its debut on Android

Security researchers have documented another first in the annals of Android malware: a trojan that encrypts photos, videos, and documents stored on a device and demands a ransom for them to be restored.

Google Chrome overtakes Microsoft\’s Internet Explorer as most-used US web browser

A report released by Adobe Digital Index (ADI) analyzing the market share of web browsers has shown Google\’s freeware is up 6 percent year-over-year, trouncing Internet Explorer – once a lone internet leader – which is sitting at 30.9 percent.

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