Cutting The Cord Review | STOked 73

Cutting The Cord Review | STOked 73

The “Cloaked Intentions” featured series wrapped up this week, and we’ll offer you our opinions about the finale, and the series as a whole.

But… now what? We have no new content on the horizon, the Foundry is still delayed, and we are faced with a several-month gap until the next Featured Series launches. We’ve got opinions on what might be best for STO at this time, so tune in to hear our thoughts!

Then we’ll feature an EPIC return of “You Got Mathed” with a segment co-hosted by Design Lead, Al “CaptainGeko” Rivera.

After all that show is over, we’ll feature your feedback to our Captain’s Table discussion.

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Vivox Integrated Voice Chat officially announced

Ask Cryptic: March Edition

  • A future FE may revisit DS9 at which point it will “get some love.”
  • Actively hiring software developer for boff VO feature!
  • Peregrine fighters (and a KDF equivalent) will soon be craftable

MVAM Hits Tribble

Link to “informal chat” with Al Rivera



Cloaked Intentions Finale : “Cutting The Cord”
– Grouped: Scaled up in team to EPIC proportions (steak for a starving man) – first space combat in your ship
– Solo: Fewer turrets to take out
– Grouped: Had a full team
– Solo: Beamed down alone, had to use proper pull and ambush tactics, along with calling for support.
– There were a couple dialogues that were interrupted by combat, even solo.
– Virtual Guide Path:  AWESOME
– Fighting a Scorpion as it flew overhead
– LOVED the NPCs fighting among themselves
– Orbital Bombardments
– Hakeev: Super Ninja Leaps (buggy), great death scene
– Iconian Gateways
– Torpedo Blast from on HIGH (Star Trek V?)
– Final Space Combat — EPIC combat.
– Gateway in a Donut, and rescue(?) by an Iconian vessel
– Reman Boff (with psi powers!), and Tracking Mines
– EPILOGUE: Go hang out with Obisek @ the Vault, get a trophy.


Co-Hosted by Al “CaptainGeko” Rivera (Lead Designer and “Keeper of the Maths”)

  • Why do diminishing returns exist?
  • Why does a 5% item only give 4.something%?
  • Explain the difference between Damage Resistance Magnitude and Damage Resistance?
  • Cap = 75%. WITH EXCEPTIONS (Intrepid Armor = 90%)

Curved Value = (1/(1-DamRes%Max))-1-(((1/(1- DamRes%Max))-1)/(1+(MAG/((1/(1- DamRes%Max))-1))+((MAG/((1/(1- DamRes%Max))-1))^2)))
Dam Res=-((1/(1+SumOfAllDiminishedMags))-1)

CLICK THESE LINKS to download the Diminishing Returns Spreadsheet:
PDF format
XLS format


How would you improve/overhaul the Captain’s Table?

Multiple suggestions for:
– Open to ALL players (they’re all captains, after all)
– A direct Transwarp ability
– Dabo and Poker (and other minigames as they come) with either higher table limits, or slightly better odds

nailpeter:  (he read the books!)
Accessible from any station, from every bar.
Should not be a station, just another bar interior.
Should be Captains from ALL times, including back to the 1600s and further into the future.

A quest line that explains the location and its backstory in-game.

Accolades! Maybe it’s to meet 10 different NPC captains that appear at random?

Move the mission replay to the Captain’s Table, under the pretense that you’re “retelling” the story to Cap for your drinks.

More suggestions on the forums:

We face a content drought that may last months, and will only be made less painful via the Foundry.

What must Cryptic/Atari do RIGHT NOW to keep the interest and hype high?

Atari is being held afloat almost exclusively by Cryptic Studios

  • Subscriptions revenues from Star Trek Online and Champions Online helped online revenue for the first nine months of fiscal 2010/11 rise nearly 500 percent from the year before.
  • These growing online revenues now represent roughly 45 percent of the company’s revenues, compared to a mere 3.4 percent in 2009.

Cryptic MMOs perform well for Atari, revenue rockets 500 percent

*Now is the time for Atari to invest in STO and Champs. A four month slow down in content is going to eat away at those numbers.
*Atari’s online revenue has increased by $20 million year-over-year to $24.8 thanks to Champions Online and Star Trek Online.
*Revenue from online games represented a whopping 44.9 percent of Atari’s total net revenue for the period, compared to just 3.4 percent in the first nine months of its previous fiscal year.



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