Netflix, E3 and Turing Myth | Tech Talk Today 6

Netflix, E3 and Turing Myth | Tech Talk Today 6

The best stories from day 0 of E3 and we debate about the value of the Playstation TV. Plus it’s round two of Netflix vs Verizon, and we debunk the recent Turing test story.

Plus feedback, calls, and more!

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E3 2014 day one: everything you need to know

The first day of E3 2014 has come and gone, and it did not disappoint. All four major press conferences brought new games, footage, and excitement for PC gamers. Did you miss the fun? Don\’t worry: we\’re here to help. Here\’s our round-up of day one at E3 2014.

E3 2014: PlayStation TV Coming to North America

With support for PlayStation Now, Vita titles, and PS1 and PSP classics, PlayStation TV owners will have access to over 1000 games when it launches for $99 USD.

At E3 2014, Microsoft\’s Xbox One focus is all about games

The takeaway: Trust us, we\’ve listened and learned since last year — the Xbox One entertainment vision is in the backseat, and it\’s now all about the games.

"Today we are dedicating our entire briefing to games" – Phil Spencer, Microsoft Game Studios #E32014 #E3

— Re/code (@Recode) June 9, 2014

\”Today we are dedicating our entire briefing to games\” – Phil Spencer, Microsoft Game Studios

E3 Winners & Losers: Day Zero

TheGodEmperor has an amazing List compiled of Platform Exclusives and multi-plat

No, A \’Supercomputer\’ Did NOT Pass The Turing Test For The First Time And Everyone Should Know Better

Okay, almost everything about the story is bogus. Let\’s dig in:

  1. It\’s not a \”supercomputer,\” it\’s a chatbot. It\’s a script made to mimic human conversation. There is no intelligence, artificial or not involved. It\’s just a chatbot.
  2. Plenty of other chatbots have similarly claimed to have \”passed\” the Turing test in the past (often with higher ratings). Here\’s a story from three years ago about another bot, Cleverbot, \”passing\” the Turing Test by convincing 59% of judges it was human (much higher than the 33% Eugene Goostman) claims.
  3. It \”beat\” the Turing test here by \”gaming\” the rules — by telling people the computer was a 13-year-old boy from Ukraine in order to mentally explain away odd responses.
  4. The \”rules\” of the Turing test always seem to change. Hell, Turing\’s original test was quite different anyway.
  5. As Chris Dixon points out, you don\’t get to run a single test with judges that you picked and declare you accomplished something. That\’s just not how it\’s done. If someone claimed to have created nuclear fusion or cured cancer, you\’d wait for some peer review and repeat tests under other circumstances before buying it, right?
  6. The whole concept of the Turing Test itself is kind of a joke. While it\’s fun to think about, creating a chatbot that can fool humans is not really the same thing as creating artificial intelligence. Many in the AI world look on the Turing Test as a needless distraction.

It\’s a $279 Wi-Fi thermostat (available today to purchase through HVAC contractors; it\’ll be available in Lowe\’s stores by August) that is one of the most visually appealing products in the space, as well as an obvious response to the Nest Learning thermostat. But perhaps more importantly, Lyric is also a platform. The company\’s ambition is to launch a full suite of Lyric products that can all be controlled your smartphone.

Netflix to suspend its controversial ISP error messages

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