Bedrock: A New Paradigm | LINUX Unplugged 44

Bedrock: A New Paradigm | LINUX Unplugged 44

The founder of Bedrock Linux joins us to discuss their ambitious distribution that lets you utilize the userland of all your favorite distributions at once

Plus Alienware slaps Linux users in the face with a dead fish, your feedback, and more!

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Bedrock Linux

Bedrock Linux is a Linux distribution created with the aim of making most of the (often seemingly mutually-exclusive) benefits of various other Linux distributions available simultaneously and transparently.

Alienware refits its Steam Machine with Windows and will launch it as a living-room PC

Alienware is launching its Alpha console-like gaming PC at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show today. But instead of running Valve\’s Steam OS, the machine will run Microsoft\’s Windows operating system and use an Xbox 360 wireless controller.

The Alpha will ship at $549 during the 2014 holiday season.

Civilization V Strategy Game Launches Natively On SteamOS Linux | GamingOnLinux

Aspyr Media is pleased to announce our first Linux and SteamOS title, Sid Meier\’s Civilization V. The SteamOS release includes all Civilization V DLC and expansion content, including Gods & Kings and Brave New World.

Krita: open source digital painting | Accelerate Development by Krita Foundation

Krita is the leading, professional-level open source digital painting application. Help us add 24 (or more!) powerful new features.

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