E3 2014 Wrap Up | Tech Talk Today 8

E3 2014 Wrap Up | Tech Talk Today 8

Indie titles get some attention at E3, Amazon launches their music streaming service and starts to play heavy with the movie industry.

Plus the big themes we took away from this years E3 expo, and more!

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Amazon Turns On Prime Music Streaming, Sans Current Hits

Promising over 1 million songs ready for your streaming pleasure, on top of the downloading service that Amazon already offered.

Because many of the details of Prime Music have been previously reported (BuzzFeed already noted that the service won’t have songs from major labels until they’ve been out for six months; the New York Times and the New York Post have already noted that the service won’t include anything at all from Universal Music Group, the world’s biggest music label) there isn’t a lot more to say.

Amazon Dispute Now Making Movies Harder To Order – Slashdot

— Games —

E3 2014: Microsoft Shows Indie Games Some Love

While they spotlighted all the major AAA titles with long, extended trailer packages and introductions, there were plenty of smaller, indie titles that got some love during the conference as well.

4 Things E3 2014 Is Trying to Tell You t

The big day of press conferences at E3 2014 is now officially behind us, and impressions have been posted about each of them individually, but looking back on an entire day of announcements, what is the overarching message?

E3 2014: The Best Trailers From This Year’s Show

If it’s one thing the games industry knows how to do, it’s how to cut an impressive trailer. Whether they’re full CG or all in-game, the best trailers convey their games’ strengths, tell us what to expect, and most importantly ramp up the hype. Here’s a selection of some of the best game trailers released so far at this year’s E3.

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