One Hundred | J@N | 3.8.11

One Hundred | J@N | 3.8.11

Join us tonight for our 100th Episode Celebration! We’re getting a little self-indulgent and taking a look back at the 100+ episodes we’ve so far made for J@N. We’ll talk briefly about how the show has progressed, and where it’s headed.

Then we’ll have some fun picking out some of our favorite episodes to share with newer audience members that may not have been around back then.

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Jupiter@Nite Intro Compilation – 100th Episode

Jeremy’s choices:
Queen Tut, and the conspiracy about a mummy penis.
We reviewed Moonbase Alpha (NASA’s proof of concept moonbase simulator game), which actually got passed around NASA Games’ office, and re-tweeted by at least two different NASA accounts.
We talk about Lightpeak (which has become Thunderbolt) and Chris GOT IT ALL RIGHT.
Attack of the Sensationalist Media (8.10.10)
It was a LOT of fun to rant about the state of the modern media, and get all soapboxey about it.
Minecraft (10.12.10)
Our introductory episode of Minecraft launched an entire online community dedicated to enjoying the game together, and helped grow our audience by a large margin.
Amazon vs. NAMBLA (11.11.10)
John’s first episode! Filled with inappropriate humor, and some incredible Alan-rants.

Chris & John:
Retro Tech: 15 Years Ago | Jupiter@Nite | 7.29.10

Shop Like a Man | J@N | 12.9.10

Harry Potter and the Nite of Jupiter | J@N | 11.18.10

*John calls out J-man for reading the cliff notes!
Movie Villain Madness | J@N | 10.14.10

Save the Hack (part 1) | J@N | 10.26.10
Save the Hack (pt 2) | J@N | 10.27.10


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