Bathroom Marketing | CR 106

Bathroom Marketing | CR 106

Our top 10 hopes and expectations from Google I/O 2014. Is this the year Google pushes developers on design, will Google+ take a backseat and more.

Plus our followup includes the challenges facing openGL, why the Nexus program will die, coping with information overload and getting your confidence back.

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Metal as a technology applies to the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) of Apple’s new 64-bit A7 Application Processor used in its newest iOS devices: iPhone 5s, iPad Air and Retina iPad mini.

Dev Hoopla:

Google IO 2014: 10 things we expect

Google IO 2014 is officially scheduled to kick off at 9 a.m. Pacific on June 25

  • We haven’t heard about Android@Home since 2011, I think. Hopefully they’ll make something as inexpensive and intuitive as Chromecast was to the Nexus Q.

  • LG Google Smartwatch

  • New Nexus Tablet?

  • ChromeOS tablet?

  • Android Silver?

  • A less expensive Chromebook Pixel.

  • Google+ integration up the yin yang? Or a pull back from G+?

  • Will Google push developers for better App design?

  • Is this the year Google really focuses on design?

Netflix Will Shut Down Public API Support For Third-Party Developers On November 14

Netflix is getting a lot stingier with the way that third-party developers can use its content, announcing that it will stop supporting its public API by the end of the year. In a letter to API partners, Netflix VP of Edge Engineering Daniel Jacobson announced that it would retire the public API program effective November 14.

The decision to shutdown its API seems a long time coming. Launched six years ago, the API originally provided third-party developers a way to access and point to content that users could get from Netflix in its streaming and DVD catalogs.

That helped the company grow, as subscribers could use third-party apps to check the availability of titles, reserve DVDs, and even link directly to streaming content on the web.

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