Sci-Fi Disappointments | J@N | 3.9.11

Sci-Fi Disappointments | J@N | 3.9.11

When we were kids, we were specifically promised that the next century would be EPIC beyond measure. The movies told us, the cartoons told us, even commercials told us. And while technology has come a long way since those formative years of our childhood, we’re still left looking back occasionally and asking ourselves, ‘Where the EFF is my flying car?’

Tonight, we’re going to take a journey through some of the old sci-fi tech from our childhood, and talking about our disappointment with the fact that we STILL don’t use these in our every day lives.

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What tech SHOULD we have by now, and don’t?

Brief History of Sci-Fi
An awesomely detailed illustration of the History of Sci-Fi
Flickr set shows year 2000 as envisioned in 1910

What tech SHOULD we have by now, and don’t?

Jetpacks, Personal Armor/Mech Suits, Laser Weaponry (Military research, seems reasonable)
Widespread use of Retinal Scanners
Cryonics, aka Suspended Animation
Robust AI servants (yeah, I said it)

Paper-thin screens
Video phones
Mars travel

From the chatroom:
Warp Drives
Food replicators
Electric cars
Cold fusion
Virtual Reality Games
Self-driving cars
Voice recognition
Quantum computers

UGO article on the same subject
Primary problem is that many of these are still so expensive

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