New Hotness Exhaustion | CR 107

New Hotness Exhaustion | CR 107

Mike ponders if we can trust ourselves to walk the line between comfort, laziness and experience?

Plus you great feedback, a few more I/O thoughts and a framework you can take home to mom.

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Slowing Down

  • Is there a difference between expertise, comfort, and laziness?
  • What if the new hotness looks downright cold?
  • Do you have to follow the trends to be a current dev? Is there really such a thing as stagnation?

— Claim Before the I/O —

In Washington, Google is already a political behemoth. The tech giant spent more than $3.8 million to lobby federal lawmakers on privacy, patent and immigration reforms just in the first quarter of 2014, according to federal records. So far in the 2014 election cycle, the company also has donated $1.1 million to federal candidates.

Audience Pick: Yii PHP Framework

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