Mail Sack Special | FauxShow 183

Mail Sack Special | FauxShow 183

Angela and Chris go through a ginormous mail sack of emails that have come in over the past weeks, answering your questions!

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Matt writes:


I just submitted a link so that I could listen to your live radio stream on my internet radio (a Grace wifi internet radio). Many internet radios use to manage their list of stations, so you might want to plug it a bit on your shows, and you should see some new listeners.

I used the title “Jupiter Broadcasting Live Stream” and used the url

If you want to change the name or url I suppose you could contact them. I was surprised it wasn’t there already.

Take care

Andrew writes:

Hay Chris,

I watched Linux Unplugged yesterday and I am just as furious as you are about their “Steam Box.” So I quickly made this desktop wallpaper up. I call it die alien. I would like to know what you think of it.

Darrin writes:


I am a supporter of the Unfilter show via Patreon. Is there an RSS feed available for the Supporters Show?

Love the show.

Andrew writes:

Chris and Ange,
Listening to your BBQ talk did make me hungry!. When you were talking about the tablets that start your coals, you said they are better than lighter fluid as they don’t use nasty chemicals. They are usually made from Hexamine (or similar) that burns hot without leaving an odor or residue.
My personal preference is to use “newspaper bon-bons”. You take a sheet of news paper and gather it up along one side so you end up with a ‘band’ and then tie it in a knot. It now looks kind of like a bon-bon. putting several of these under your coals makes good kindling that is easy to light and the knots nake hot spots that help get your coals going. This is a good, cheap and easy way to start any fire since most people have some newspaper lying around somewhere!

I managed to find a website that kind of depicts what I mean:

Daniel writes:

Hey Chris,

I just wanted to share my Ting success story. I got a Netgear mobile hotspot a few months back and I’ve only used it a little here and there, but it’s saved my sanity this week. I started noticing about 10% packet loss on my home cable connection last Friday. After doing the modem reboot dance with Time Warner, they scheduled a tech to come out, but the first available appointment wasn’t until this Friday!

I do almost all of my work over SSH connections and frequently work from home. If you’ve ever dealt with SSH over a spotty connection, you know the random lagging and slow screen redraws get to be as annoying as the sound of a mosquito in your ear. I hate going into the office, but I almost sucked it up and went in, but I remembered I had the hotspot and was able to keep my lazy butt at home.

So far, Ting’s LTE service has been rock solid. I can barely tell a difference between it and the cable connection in my typical day-to-day usage. I really couldn’t be more pleased with them. Thanks a ton for turning me on to them!



P.S. I almost rolled out Mosh, but it won’t work with the way my network is setup. This was the perfect use-case, too.

Viktor writes:

When you mention DigitalOcean, please talk about the community site.
There are so much good stuff inn there related to hosting setups, they even have docker tutorials now.
Want to install WordPress with nginx?
1. Google
2. DigitalOcean ranked high

Just look at that tutorial, indepth with pictures and really explains what you need to do.
And all licensed under Creative Commons.

Callum writes:

Remember in 2009 you made a microphone roundup best for podcasting has that changed also what is the mic you use for all your shows.

Robert writes:

Hey I emailed Chris about 2 weeks ago about spreading the word on a weekly watch party im setting up for LAS. I have a local restaurant that is willing to let us commandeer their tv’s to watch the show live.

It would be in Saint Petersburg FL and we need a minimum of 10 people. I setup an email address for people to RSVP.

Thanks for the Great Shows!


Anthony writes:

Hello I just want to say that I love the work you all do and I love several of your shows. If I could I would love to help in some way other than donations (due to personal financial issues). I was also curious as someone trying to start a career in IT specifically Linux I was wondering what type of suggestions you might make. Currently I am a computer repair technician and sales consultant at a retail store in the US and I want to leave the sales environment.

Someone writes:


Do you still check your bitmessage account ?
Or is there another secure way of communicating ?

Please reference to this in the show please.

Rob writes:

Ran across this just a little bit ago, by Nixie Pixel:

Thought hit me. She’s looking for a new way, you’re looking to add content, so maybe this is something that could work for both. She creates content, you provide the air time and space.
She already has a following, more eyes being brought to Jupiterbroadcasting. She can create her own content, which frees you from having to do it all. Don’t know if it’s something you’re looking for Chris, but knowing the following she has I thought it might be sort of a match made in heaven.
Just passing along an idea.

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