File sharing on Linux | HowTo Linux 4

File sharing on Linux | HowTo Linux 4

Browse your local network and share files with Windows computers by following our Samba tutorial. Get some tips on how to easily read the Samba configuration file.

Plus an update about the future format of HowTo Linux.

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File Manager not show your network shares?

Install Samba:

Samba is a re-implementation of the SMB/CIFS networking protocol, it facilitates file and printer sharing among Linux and Windows systems as an alternative to NFS. Some users say that Samba is easily configured and that operation is very straight-forward. However, many new users run into problems with its complexity and non-intuitive mechanism.

  • Install Samba

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install samba samba-common system-config-samba python-glade2 gksu nautilus-share

  • Enable your user account as a Samba user

smbpasswd -e chase

Having troubles resolving computer names?

  • Check your DNS settings

  • Add the following stanza to smb.conf:

name resolve order = lmhosts bcast host wins

testparm — check an smb.conf configuration file for
internal correctness

Bonus: Going through these steps will also make your Windows network file browsing work under your file manager too!

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