PAX East 2011 RECAP | J@N | 3.15.11

PAX East 2011 RECAP | J@N | 3.15.11

The PAX East weekend has come to an end, and the guys pick some of their favorite stories from this gaming event!

Plus they share a few stories from their last visit to PAX.

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Show Notes:

What is PAX?

PAX East officially becomes biggest PAX ever
– 69,500 attendees
– Larger venue than previous years, and even had breathing room!
– Still numerous complaints over lines (2+ hours for DNF play was the average)

Child of Eden release date announced
– June 14th, 2011

10 minutes of Portal 2 gameplay – VIDEO
– Introduces CEO of Aperture Science

More “Homefront” Information – VIDEO

Guild Wars 2 Char Creation includes a questionairre
– After you pick the race, sex, and class you answer a slew of questions which in effect flesh out your character’s biography and set you on the path for your own personal story in the game.
– More info on Why You Should Care About GW2

SWTOR unleashes a 16-minute video of Flashpoint (dungeon) gameplay, and a new Trailer
– A better look at the “convo-loot” rolls and interactive group dialogue
– Combat also looks better than it has previously, but still very MMO-ey (click and auto-attack)

L.A. Noire Storyline 25-30 Hours Long

Sony announces Free Realms MMO coming to PS3

Tribes MMO officially unveiled
Official Teaser Site

Talented Trekkie Dances His Ass Off

Firefall: a F2P MMO shooter
– Reminiscient of Borderlands in many ways (class structure, cel shading, alien world overrun by bugs and creeps, etc).
– Producer gave a speech @ PAX that confirmed you “will NOT be able to buy your way to victory” and went on to explain that all microtransactions will be aesthetics only.

Image Tour of the Show Floor
Wil Wheaton is sleepy
Booth babes 1 2 3

Back ground provided by Stuck in Customs

PAX Prime 2011 will take place from August 26th to August 28th. – We’ll see you there!


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