KaOS Theory | LINUX Unplugged 48

KaOS Theory | LINUX Unplugged 48

We chat with Jos Poortvliet about the future of KDE, Plasma 5 Desktop, then review a KDE distribution with a direction: KaOS.

Plus: The great news for the Blender project, our OSCON plans and much more!

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Epic Games funds Blender development l

The news makes Epic the second major games developer to fund Blender’s development: Valve backed the fund earlier this year for work on general “game=artist-related topics” — again, including FBX.

Civ5 users with choppy audio this was my fix

KDE – KDE Ships Release Candidate of Plasma 5

KDE has today made available the candidate for the first release of Plasma 5, the next generation desktop. This is one last chance to test for bugs and check for problems before the final release next week.

  • Final release on the 15th:

1 Soft Freeze: Mon, 10th March

2 Alpha 1: Tue, 1st April

3 Message & Hard Freeze: Thu, 1st May

4 Beta: Fri, 9 May tagging, Tue 13 May release

5 Beta 2: Thu June 5 tagging, Tue 10 June release

6 Release Candidate: Thu 3 July tagging, Tue 8 July release

7 Final Release: Thursday 10 July tagging, Tuesday 15 July release

8 Bugfix 1: Thursday 14 August tagging, Tuesday 19 August release

9 Bugfix 2: Thursday 11 September tagging, Tuesday 16 September release

10 Beta: Thursday 25 September tagging, Tuesday 30 September release

11 5.1 Thursday 9 October tagging, Tuesday 15 October release

Community Review: KaOS

The idea behind KaOS is to create a tightly integrated rolling and transparent distribution for the modern desktop, build from scratch with a very specific focus.
Focus on one DE (KDE), one toolkit (Qt), one architecture (x86_64) plus a focus on evaluating and selecting the most suitable tools and applications.

All work is geared toward packaging, not developing new tools or applications.

There is no goal to make the most possible software available, KaOS will stay limited in size of the repositories, and will work on quality instead of quantity. That goal makes it clear, a large user base is not what is intended or expected.

It targets users who have tried many Operating Systems/Distributions/Desktop Environments and have found they prefer a Distribution that uses all its available resources to work on one DE to make that the best it can be, and know that after their searches, the best for them is KDE.

KaOS – 2014.06 Release Notes

The June version comes with an installer, non-free nvidia driver, all language packs, KDE 4.13.2, linux kernel 3.14.6 (linux-next is in the repo’s, following the 3.15 series), glibc 2.19, systemd 212, kmod 17, xorg-server 1.15.1, Qt 4.8.6, QtWebkit 2.3.3, mesa 10.2.1, calligra 2.8.3, amarok 2.8.0 and the latest versions of qupzilla, octopi, kde-telepathy, kdenlive, plasma-mediacenter and Qt 5.3.0.

For those wondering about gtk apps, firefox 30.0, chrome 37, thunderbird 24.6.0, ardour 3.5 are among the available in their latest version.

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