Board Games w/Murphy | FauxShow 185

Board Games w/Murphy | FauxShow 185

Angela and Murphy talk about board games, resources for finding games & our favorites!

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Little_GUFF writes:

Good Morning Angela,
Just thought I’d send a quick update to our summer project…

Part 1 was completed yesterday at 15:07…

Baby Isabel was born, she weighed in at 6’4lb..
Mum and Baby both doing well, and should be home today J


Kenny Writes:

Hi Chris & Angela,

I’m weeks behind with everything at the moment but just writing to thank you for your recommendation of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast some weeks ago.

Epic stuff! When I first went to download an epicsode I thought it was video as the file size was so large. Three hours plus, each one, and absolutely riveting.

I’ve always been interested in the First World War due to the fact that in the house next door, when I was growing up, there lived a gentleman who had served in one of the Highland brigades throughout the whole conflict. Throughout all that time he only suffered a leg wound. He would eloquently regale us with tales of his adventures a long time ago in far off lands, leaving out the more grizzly aspects till we were older.

Thus Dan Carlin’s WWI podcasts were the first I downloaded. They served well on a seven hour road trip up the West Coast of Scotland just recently.

I fit a lot of the Podcast Fanatic criteria you mentioned in that FauxShow except I don’t normally have enough time to keep up with the many podcasts I follow – currently my podcast Queue is sitting at around thirty, lol. Some tidying up will be required soon…

Keep up the good work 🙂


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