Rise of Darkness | STOked 75

Rise of Darkness | STOked 75

With the latest Engineering report in our hands, we’ll be delving into some our favorite highlights of features coming in the near (or not-so-near) future. Then, after another round of Tweet Leaks, we’ll delve into a Foundry Mission that was honored with a mention during the Engineering Report.

“Rise of Darkness” was played live before our Internet audience on Saturday, and we’ll share many of our thoughts on what the mission did well, or did not execute properly. This is the first of many Foundry missions that we plan to review, so listen close for details on how you can be involved with future reviews!

And speaking of involving YOU… we’re also going to share some of your favorite TOS moments that we received recommendations for including in a Foundry mission.

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Show Notes:


Happy Birthday Captain Kirk!

Engineering Report

  • -“Rise of Darkness” (created by jake81nx)
  • -This means more than 5 series a year and hopefully closer to 9 or 10 which would be ideal and lead to little or no downtime between new episodes.
  • -discussions with Jack over how we could staff up to support more content in general.
  • -we also have more content events planned for the next few months as we work on Season 4 and the new Feature Episode Series.
  • -Possibility of a default FED and KDF Shuttle Interior for use with missions
  • -”Jupiter” uniform series (2409 based jackets)
  • -Removing the concept of “Off-Duty” costumes and simply giving everyone “costume slots” you can use to store costumes
  • -More detailed Sector Space and Galaxy Maps
  • -Adding daily crafting quests


Farewell to Rekhan (Marketing) and Snix (Design)
Response from StormShade


Foundry Mission Spotlight: “Rise of Darkness” by Jake81NX

  • -Interesting use of ship costumes (don’t underestimate the fighters)
  • -Incredible environment work – blown out messhall was breathtaking
  • -Bold choice to create part of your ship, and it worked out well.
  • -Good use of interior to substitute for travel
  • -Solid story acts were solid, kept good momentum and ended just leaving me wanting more


TOS moments (PDF) of inspiration for the Foundry
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