Justin Time for Twitch.tv | Tech Talk Today 39

Justin Time for Twitch.tv | Tech Talk Today 39

Live streaming site Justin.tv shuts down, and we reflect on the early days of our broadcasting on the service.

Plus the crypto-malware spreading to NAS boxes, Sprint pulls out of the T-Mobile deal and why Tech Talk Today might soon have a party mode.

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Show Notes:

Goodbye from Justin.tv

Justin.tv was created by Justin Kan, Emmett Shear, Michael Seibel and Kyle Vogt in March 2007.

Twitch today announced that the Justin.tv website, mobile apps, and APIs are no longer in service. A very simple explanation is given for the shutdown: since rebranding the company to Twitch Interactive in February 2014, all resources are now focused on Twitch.tv.

The news today will almost certainly further fuel the rumors that Google is acquiring, or has already acquired, Twitch. Purchases are often followed by consolidation, as well as cutting off any excess limbs.

SynoLocker demands 0.6 Bitcoin to decrypt Synology NAS devices – CSO | The Resource for Data Security Executives

The new attack on Synology kit comes within a year of Synology NAS devices being struck by fraudulent Bitcoin mining operators, with several owners on Sunday reporting that they had found a message from the “SynoLocker Automated Decryption Service” — when accessing the main page of the Web-server for their NAS device — stating that “all important files on this NAS have been encrypted using strong cryptography”.

As one victim on Synology’s English user forum commented, the SynoLocker “service” asks for 0.6 Bitcoins to unlock the encrypted files

Report: Sprint abandons bid for T-Mobile because US would block merger | Ars Technica

Sprint owner SoftBank has been talking about buying T-Mobile US for months, but is reportedly abandoning the plan because US regulators would likely object.

AT&T tried to buy T-Mobile in 2011 but gave up in the face of opposition from the Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission. While AT&T had to pay a $4-billion breakup fee, which helped T-Mobile build out its LTE network, Sprint apparently wouldn’t suffer that fate because no deal was ever finalized.

Exclusive: Sprint to Name Brightstar’s Marcelo Claure as CEO | Re/code

Sprint plans to name Marcelo Claure, one of its board members and head of wireless distributor Brightstar, as its new CEO, Re/code has learned from a number of sources.

Japan’s Softbank, which owns a controlling stake in Sprint, also acquired a majority stake in Brightstar last year.

Apple is Making Progress | Jonathan Zdziarski’s Domain

  • Apple’s fixes are clearly still a work in progress, and not all of my security concerns have been addressed yet

  • Given that a number of my threat models involved government spying, it feels good to know that Apple has taken my research seriously enough to address these concerns. Keep in mind, the threat model we’re dealing with also includes foreign governments, many of which have long histories of spying on our country’s diplomats.

  • Apple would be wise to add additional protections to ensure that sensitive data is protected in cases involving data at rest and physical security. This, too, is achievable with a small amount of effort, and will ensure that Apple is the only entity capable of extracting sensitive, encrypted data from the device. To do this, Apple’s file_relay service, which they claim is for “diagnostics purposes” would need to be closed off, or at least fixed so that it doesn’t bypass the user’s backup password and the encryption it is tied to. Additionally, the house_arrest service would need to be patched so that it doesn’t allow sandbox access while the device is locked, or some other creative approach.

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