Firefox 4 Launch | J@N | 3.23.11

Firefox 4 Launch | J@N | 3.23.11

We really have no right to be excited about a browser. The days of the browser wars are supposed to be far behind us, aren’t they? But once in a while, a really good software project will catch any geek’s eye, and let’s be frank – We Like Firefox.

Recent versions of Firefox have been a bit lackluster compared with other browser offerings. But they’ve just changed all of that with the launch of their latest major revision: Firefox 4.0

Tune in tonight to hear just why you might want to take a look at the latest offering from Mozilla, and how it could potentially improve your web browsing experience.

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Welcome to Mozilla Firefox 4.0

7 million downloads in first 24 hours
(note: FF3 had >8 mil in <24hrs … blame Chrome for dip?)
* UPDATE, now over 10 million

How to fix a few of FF4’s UI annoyances (Windows)
* Move buttons, remove bars, and consolidate ‘dead space’ at top of screen.

Linux-based customization tutorial

And if you don’t wanna update, security fixes available for older versions also
* 3.6.16 and 3.5.18
* Nice to see they are not forcing users to upgrade by eliminating support for prior versions.

Firefox 4 for iPhone
– Kind of. It’s a front-end on top of Safari, but it does support open tab sync with your desktop
– Supports bookmark sync between iPhone & Firefox4

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser for Android
– Full sync with desktop firefox (open tabs, bookmarks)
– This is a full browser, with a Gekco back-end. Not a “sit on top of” like the iPhone version.
– Has support for Add-ons, kinda neat for a mobile browser.


– New UI layout

    • Tabs above address bar
    • Consolidated functions (searching, stop/refresh, bookmarking)
    • Status bar removed from the bottom, replaced with Chrome-like popup (unless you have add-ons installed, then their icons are displayed down there.)

– Auto syncing across multiple devices
– “The Awesome Bar” — like Chrome’s address bar, comes with built-in searching
– WebGL – In browser 3D graphics without a plugin
– Plugin crash isolation – Chris confirms this works!
– Hardware Acceleration (limited still, and only on Windows/Mac)
– App Tab (WebMail, Twitter, FB, etc)



– Import function only currently works with IE (workaround: XMarks)
– Some complaints have come thru of significant system strain (older systems?)
– Default UI arrangement looks unpolished in some areas, copycatty in others. Easily fixed.
– No bookmark toolbar by default. Easily fixed.
– Some fonts seem… funny…
– Of all the things they borrowed from Chrome, why not tab movement? Feels clunky right now.


Chrome 11 in Beta
Latest benchmarks still indicate IE9 is SLIGHTLY fas


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