Go Hack Yourself | FauxShow 189

Go Hack Yourself | FauxShow 189

Angela and Chris go over 46 different life hacks that not only make sense but will make your life easier! In the process you’ll learn crucial information about random things, mostly useless knowledge.

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September 7th Awards:

If I were to open a Faux Company (not a real company!) what product or concept should I implement using the word Faux? This can be real or fake, relabeling products with the word Faux is just fine!

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Mail Sack:

Janoathan writes:

I know that GTV is based on honeycomb and it is a dead end. However, I just picked up a GTV box and enjoy it. I would love to watch your show on it too!

Greg writes:

I’ve fallen head over heels with the Linux Action Show. Chris and Matt are great. I was wondering if you guys had a page with a description for each show that is produced under the JB umbrella. I think that would help new listeners. Chris, big kudos to you for your ambition. Get your hustle on!

Seth writes:

I thought you might like to see a very brief clip of a LAS shirt at this year’s Short’s Fest in Elk Rapids, Michigan. I’m wearing it while holding the “beer-cam”, and it occurs around 1’10” in the video. It’s quick, and slightly obscured by beer, but you can make it out. Short’s is one of the finest breweries in Michigan (we actually have many outstanding breweries here), but unfortunately they don’t ship out of state. If you’re ever in the lovely Traverse City area of Michigan, be sure to check it out (you wouldn’t regret it).

Here’s the video link:

Jake writes:

I’ve read somewhere that there is a Sailfish image for the Nexus 5. Why not give it a try?

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