3D Printing | FauxShow 190

3D Printing | FauxShow 190

Angela and Chris discuss some of the currently in use and on track items being made in the world of 3D printing. We only BARELY cover the surface but you’ll be amazed by the end of this show!

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— Show Notes: —

  • Made In space

    “The future of space exploration will change forever when everything we need for space is built in space. In this future, parts, habitats and structures are not launched and assembled, but instead 3D-printed, layer-by-layer in outer space with additive manufacturing.” – CEO, Aaron Kemmer

  • Eyeballs

  • Amazon’s 3D print store?!?
  • 3D Printed HOUSES?!

August 31st Awards:

If I were to open a Faux Company (not a real company!) what product or concept should I implement using the word Faux? This can be real or fake, relabeling products with the word Faux is just fine!

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Mail Sack:

Mark writes:

I’m emailing you as I know I have a better chance of this being read than if I had sent this to Chris.

I live in the UK and I watch most of your shows. I recently started using the Pocket Casts android app (as recommended by Chris on a previous episode of the Faux) to consume the audio only shows from JB. I’ve noticed something strange which only seems to affect the Linux Unplugged show. For some reason each week the first 8 to 9 minutes of the show played through this app is actually the last 9 mins of the show. After this 8 to 9 mins period the beginning of the show is played and the rest of the show plays normally. I thought at first this may be a one off, but no, every week Linux Unplugged has this problem on the Pocket Casts app.

I wondered if this was something Chris could check out.

Keep up the good work. Tell Chris Popey rules (being a fellow Brit)!!

Peter writes:

What would you call a person who is called a linux power user,who maintains person computers ,who feels theres a way to make money teaching this art?

Dog Woof writes:

I don’t think you should make any decisions till after college has been in session for a few weeks. There is a huge audience who will have solid internet connections, technical savvy and interest, but may not have the means or time to join in. Perhaps you could even cater to that demographic.

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