A Chat with Icculus | LAS 328

A Chat with Icculus | LAS 328

Ryan C. Gordon aka Icculus joins us to discuss past, present and future of Linux gaming. Plus the fundamental technology challenges facing Linux gaming, the hope for SteamOS, and much more.

Then – Red Hat’s internal politics burst out into the spotlight, John C. Dvorak trolls Linux users….

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— Show Notes: —


Runs Linux

Evergreen State Fair, Runs Linux

Desktop App Pick


Braid is a puzzle-platformer, drawn in a painterly style, where you can manipulate the flow of time in strange and unusual ways. From a house in the city, journey to a series of worlds and solve puzzles to rescue an abducted princess.

Braid is a platform and puzzle video game developed by Number None, Inc. The game was released on August 6, 2008 for the Xbox 360‘s Xbox Live Arcade service. A Microsoft Windows version was released on April 10, 2009. Hothead Games ported and released the game to Mac OS X on May 20, 2009 and the PlayStation Network on November 12, 2009. A Linux port, created by Ryan C. Gordon, was released December 14, 2010 as part of the second Humble Indie Bundle.

Weekly Spotlight

GParted — Turns 10

The first public release of GParted was version 0.0.3 on August 26th, 2004. Over the past 10 years, much
has happened. Following are some statistics:

  • Over 300 people have contributed to GParted
  • Many GNU/Linux distributions now include GParted
  • Translators have worked to make GParted available in over 50
    different languages
  • GParted is used in over 220 countries around the world
  • There have been over 17 million downloads from Sourceforge

Ting App Pick

— NEWS —

Red Hat CTO unexpectedly quits, amid rumors of executive ‘friction’

No-one among the rank and file at Red Hat seem to have seen this coming. In a move the Linux giant’s staffers said was “shocking” and a “punch in the gut,” long-time Red Hat chief technology officer Brian Stevens has resigned.

Sean Michael Kerner at eWeek says Red Hat CTO Resigns for New Opportunity – not friction.

I’ve heard from my own sources that Stevens is not leaving due to any internal wrangling or politics at Red Hat, but rather to pursue a new opportunity that he simply could not turn down.

Reasons for Red Hat CTO departure still a mystery

The only additional statement from Red Hat is a remark that Stevens was “leaving to pursue another opportunity.” While Stevens did not reply to inquires, sources stated that he’d been biding his time waiting for the right opportunity.

JOHN C. DVORAK: Linux Has Run Out of Time

Time has run out for there to be a must-have killer software package on Linux. Anyone writing such an application writes it for Mac or Windows, because that’s where the customers are. All the super applications for Linux are on the server side and that ends the discussion. Yes, this could change someday. But that someday is not on the horizon.

Right now Linux on the desktop remains a cheap curiosity, that is kind of fun to play with when you are bored.

Screencheat Out OCT 3rd

Screencheat is a split-screen multiplayer FPS where everyone is invisible and you have to cheat to win. Remember when looking at your friends’ screen in Goldeneye was frowned upon? Well those days are gone and in Screencheat, we encourage it!

Hand of Fate on Steam

Deckbuilding comes to life in Hand of Fate! An infinitely replayable series of quests – earn new cards, build your deck, then try to defeat it! In a cabin at the end of the world, the game of life and death is played. Draw your cards, play your hand, and discover your fate.

Ryan C. Gordon (aka icculus)


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