Cloudy with a Chance of Music | 3.29.11

Cloudy with a Chance of Music | 3.29.11

Amazon’s new Cloud Drive service and Cloud Player have landed. Find out how they both hold up from services like Dropbox, SugarSync, and even Pandora.

Plus Chris got some hands on today with the Android app for the Cloud Player service, and took it out for a spin, streaming all the way!

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What is Amazon Cloud Drive?

Store your music, videos, photos, and documents on Amazon’s S3 servers with an easy to use front-end. You only need a web browser to upload, download, and access your files from any computer. More details from Amazon about Cloud Drive

Cloud Drive Privacy Concerns?
Dropbox’s terms of services rocks in comparison

Chris’ thoughts on Cloud Drive:
-No way to share files, would be great to have easy S3 backed shared storage.
-Only working with files through the browser feels clunky. Needs a local client, or WebDav.
-I do like that the web client uploads in the “background” and lets you keep using the UI.
-Could be a cheap/easy way to backup important stuff. But mind the privacy terms.

Need more than 5GB?

Storage Plan Songs

Holds up to:


Holds up to:

HD Video

Holds up to:

5 GB FREE 1,000 2,000 20 minutes
20 GB $20 / year 4,000 8,000 1.5 hours
50 GB $50 / year 10,000 20,000 3.5 hours
100 GB $100 / year 20,000 40,000 7 hours
200 GB $200 / year 40,000 80,000 14 hours
500 GB $500 / year 100,000 200,000 35 hours
1000 GB $1000 / year 200,000 400,000 70 hours

Buy an Amazon MP3 Album and get 20GB free.
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What is Cloud Player?
Amazon has a good page for the basics.
Good review of the Android app over at DS.

Chris’ thoughts on Cloud Player for Android:
-They slip it right into the Amazon MP3 store app. Tons of Androids already have this.
-The UI is sharp and clean, but that is likely due to its limited feature set.
-It’s directly streaming those media files, at their original bit-rate.
-Even at -99db (~one bar of signal) l I still was streaming with out issue.
-The instant I lost all signal, the music would stop.
-No pre-buffering.
-You’ll have to wait on a slow connection. No next track pre-buffering 🙁
-Not really an issue on WiFi/4G but 3G with low signal kinda hurts.
-Great start, but the devs should spend a week with Pandora for Android.

Lifehacker’s Cloud Storage Faceoff


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