Switching Ubuntu to Gnome | LAS 330

Switching Ubuntu to Gnome | LAS 330

Install the latest version of Gnome on your Ubuntu box, without losing your data, or needing to reinstall your apps. Our guide will get you up and running with the latest and greatest in no time. And also provides great insight for non-Ubuntu/Gnome users.

Plus ZFS on Linux gets the green light, the great news for Arch users

And so much more!

All this week on, the Linux Action Show!

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— Show Notes: —

Howto Install Gnome 3.12 on an existing Ubuntu Setup.


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Runs Linux

iGuardian – The Home Internet Security System by Itus Networks r

The iGuardian is an embedded Linux system based on OpenWRT and runs Snort as an in-line intrusion prevention system. It has been designed and optimized for easy installation and provides advanced threat prevention against a wide variety of attacks. The iGuardian protects your connected devices from Internet threats with a reliable, simple and affordable solution.

The iGuardian protects you against a wide range of threats, including viruses, phishing scams, malicious websites, java, browser, and file exploits, drive-by-downloads, watering-hole attacks, botnets, data-theft, remote access Trojans and key-loggers.

Desktop App Pick

Grsync rsync GUI interface frontend for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

Grsync is a GUI for rsync, the command line file and directory synchronization tool. While it can work with remote hosts, its focus is to synchronize local directories. With this program you can, for example, keep your mp3s in sync with an audio player, make backups of your home folder, etc.

GNOME Shell DuckDuckGo Search Provider

Weekly Spotlight

Builder for GNOME


Builder is a new IDE for writing GNOME software. It is currently under development.

— NEWS —

ZFS On Linux is Production Ready, says Richard Yao

The short answer is yes, depending on your definition of stable.

I believe the ZoL is production ready for the following reasons:

  • Key ZFS data integrity features work on Linux like they do on other platforms.
  • ZFS runtime stability on Linux is comparable to other filesystems, with certain exceptions that I document below.
  • ZoL is at near feature parity with ZFS on other platforms.

  • ZFS on Linux machine | Bitratchet

Chrome OS can now run Android apps, no porting required

The app code is all running on top of the Chrome platform, specifically inside of Native Client. In this way the ARC (App Runtime for Chrome) apps run in the same environment as other apps you can download from the Chrome Web Store, even though they are written on top of standard Android APIs. The developers do not need to port or modify their code, though they often choose to improve it to work well with the Chromebook form factor (keyboard, touchpad, optional touchscreen, etc).

Android 4.4 mini-PC packs 64-bit quad-core Atom punch

Minix is prepping a sub-$150 mini-PC running Android 4.4 on a quad-core Intel Atom Z3735F and featuring WiFi, Bluetooth, IR, Ethernet, and USB connectivity.

GNOME Software 3.14 Will Work On Arch Linux With PackageKit

Richard Hughes cleaned up the PackageKit back-end for Arch/Pacman this weekend so that GNOME Software will run with it and utilize native AppStream meta-data. This work is through the Alpm/Pacman back-end for using this GNOME application to install and manage new apps for the platform.

Ubuntu Phone – Meizu MX4 to come out in December

First it was the Mx3 Q3 but now it looks like Mx4 in December instead. We were also suppose to get a bq in Q3 but no news about any date.

Finally, remember that the MX4 is again pre-order (after registration) with shipments starting from September 25, through our official store, this is the link .



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