5 sites to make you think | FauxShow 193

5 sites to make you think | FauxShow 193

Angela and Chris cover a couple of websites that will hands down make you think! Join them as they discuss what they like about each of these 5 websites.

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Bill writes:

Dear Allen, Angerz, Chase, Chris, Kris, Matt, and Mr Curmudgeon.

It’s about time I got on this reddit bandwagon. Using Firefox on my desktop seems to work o.k., but I decided I needed a good/nice Android app on my phone for it that is not so intrusive.

Since I know you all visit the site as your preferred down of contact and voicing of show desires I was wondering what preferences you all and the audience like to use.

Maybe a poll for the JB fans or the top 2 or 3 you guys know of off the top of your head. This cold be good for a lot of listeners since I imagine the mobile users/listeners/watchers of JB deliciousness is via mobile.

Thanks a bagillion if you can help me and many others.

In near drunkeness,


Scott Writes:

Hey JB Crew

Luvvvvvvv da show!

After watching LAS and hearing that Boarderlands 2 is coming to Linux (sine it is 1 of the main games I play and I can just duel boot into Windows for the other games), I have decided to switch my main PC to Ubuntu Gnome. The only thing that is holding me back is Photoshop and Illustrator. I tried GIMP and it just did not work for me and all my clients are on the Adobe train so it is something I need.

I was wondering…

Since most of the apps running on Windows are available on Mac now a days, is there a program on Linux that is like WINE but for Mac applications? And would it be a better solution than WINE since Mac is based on Unix?

Henrique writes:

I have a little question.

How you communicated with Riachard Stallman in the interview.
Using a phone call, VOIP or what?

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