MeeGo on the N900 | LAS | s16e03

MeeGo on the N900 | LAS | s16e03

We’ve stayed up all night by the light of fire, armed with only our amazing intellect to load MeeGo on all the various devices we can get our hands on. Find out if MeeGo is the platform of the future, or yesterday’s bad joke!

THEN – Linus lays the smack-down on Fedora, and we cover April Fools jokes from open source projects around the web!

Plus so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Episode Show Notes:

Runs Linux:
Saxcore Samuel Saxon

@ChrisLAS Stuck for a “runs linux” on LAS this weekend? My Oscar winning workplace runs linux!

Linux Fest Northwest Meet-up:
April 30th – May 1st
Bellingham, WA
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Jupiter Colony has a thread started to organize, give it a shout!

Android Pick:
Amazon MP3
Vendetta Online
Android Picks so far, thanks to Madjo in the IRC Chat room!

Linus Breaks out his Mofo Pimp Hand over Flash
NASA hosts its first open source summit – Action Followup!
Apple Ditches SAMBA in Favour of Homegrown Replacement
UK Government Backs Open Source In Budget Cuts

GEdit + Telepathy = YES PLEASE
Ubuntu App Developer Week is upon us
Jupiter… OS.  WHUT.
Review: Elementary OS 0.1 “Jupiter”
Summary of FOSS Online April 1st 2011 Pranks
N0… is not real.  But AWESOME.


MeeGo on the N900:
Official Install Guide
Official Dual Boot Guide’s Install Guide
How to (properly) install the MeeGo SDK and Emulator in Ubuntu and Debian Linux
SyncTerm and FireFox 4 for Maemo/N900
openSUSE Smeegol

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