Doxing Developers | CR 121

Doxing Developers | CR 121

Google is requiring developers to submit their physical address, and the Apple community has outed the manager behind the botched iOS 8.0.1 update. Are we seeing a dangerous threat or just a frantic response?

Plus some great questions, when to lawyer up & much more!

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Person responsible for iOS 8.0.1 debacle also linked to iOS 6 Maps

A quality assurance manager responsible for this week’s botched iOS 8.0.1 release was also in charge of QA for iOS 6 Maps, sources tell Bloomberg. The man is identified as Josh Williams, who is said to have been removed from the Maps team after the app gave people bad directions and/or mislabeled important scenery. He has however been with Apple since 2000, and has been handling quality issues for iOS since the early days of the iPhone.

It’s reported that Williams has a team of over 100 people around the world, and that the company relies more on human discovery of bugs than automated testing. Partly because of these factors, it’s indicated that no single person can be held responsible for major software trouble. The company in fact has a committee called the Bug Review Board overseen by Kim Vorrath, VP of product management for iOS and OS X. She in turn reports to Craig Federighi, the senior VP for software engineering. To help with testing, the company relies heavily on feedback from third-party developers.

It’s at BRB meetings that Vorrath, Williams, and other people determine which bugs need to be solved immediately and which can be dealt with later. Bugs are labeled P1, P2, or P3; P1 can halt production of a device, while P2 or P3 items can be rolled into development of later updates even before the initial firmware is out.

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