Coder Inquisition | CR 123

Coder Inquisition | CR 123

Mike and Chris battle wits to expose the ridiculous nature of arguing about technology on the Internet, and this discuss why developers and enthusiasts get caught up in this mess.

Plus our take on working on open source in your spare time, an update on teaching students to code & a software pick that will make you hungry!

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The Story of the PING Program

Yes, it’s true! I’m the author of
ping for UNIX.
Ping is a little thousand-line hack that I wrote in an evening which
practically everyone seems to know about. 🙂

I named it after the sound that a
sonar makes, inspired by the whole principle of echo-location.
In college I’d done a lot of modeling of sonar and radar systems,
so the “Cyberspace” analogy seemed very apt.
It’s exactly the same paradigm applied to a new problem domain:
ping uses timed IP/ICMP ECHO_REQUEST and ECHO_REPLY packets
to probe the “distance” to the target machine.

Pick of the week:


This is a Node.js application that is capable of ordering a Jimmy John’s sandwich via command line, bringing to life this legendary XKCD comic.

It does this through the combination of Node.js + PhantomJS along with some other command line prompt tools that makes ordering a sandwich even more freaky fast.

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