Internet Pet Peeves | FauxShow 197

Internet Pet Peeves | FauxShow 197

Angela and Chris go through their pet peeves about the internet and why they prefer some social sites over others

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— Show Notes: —

Angela’s list:

  • FIRST! comments
  • Every week is daughters week!
  • Reposts with misspellings (which can’t be fixed by the poster.
  • Pretty much everything Reddit
  • Articles with full sentences as titles (and a cliffhanger)
  • Absurdly angled titles, perspectives, etc just for clicks
  • Being an advocate for something but make bad comments about it.
  • Mobile ads that move the screen
  • Links to an article that isn’t really an article but another link to the actual site.
  • Click through slide shows (for clicks)
  • Google signing out

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