Stahl on Foundry | STOked 77

Stahl on Foundry | STOked 77

We bring on STO’s Executive Producer Daniel Stahl and get a major update on the Foundry, the Enterprise content, details on the new Oberth class ship, and many details on the Duty Officer System, including THOUSANDS of new missions!

In MATH this week we’ve got the tips and tricks to get you started creating your own adventures in the Foundry!

Plus – Our quick take on the new Bajoran Uniforms, and of course the latest Ask Cryptic.

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Show Notes:


Bajoran Militia Uniforms
… they smell

Craig Zincievich returns to Cryptic
Fills the role of COO vacated by Jack Emmert (not specifically on the STO team)

Ask Cryptic, April edition
– Alternative Cover System: Breaking LOS will cause a more obvious aggro shift.
– Ground combat changes will begin public testing at end of May
– The next FE won’t land until after S4, but the aim is to then have no more than one week between each episode at that point. Meaning approx. 15 more FEs in 2011, up to 25.
– Starfleet Academy is in development! (and Qo’nos Academy) — no details
– No dailies to come in Rom space, but future FEs should include repeatable missions.
Lots of what is mentioned will also be discussed in our interview later in this episode!

Tweet Leaks
New animations coming that allow smoother movement while firing
Ground combat changes include many sound updates

MATH — Foundry Tips / Tutorial:
with special guest, Admiral Murphy

Start with your script:
– Know what you’re trying to create before you even open the Foundry.
– There is no spell check in the Foundry!

Next, build your maps:
– Hooking up story elements requires the object to be present, so build your map first
– Do not place NPCs/enemies until you’ve determined whether or not you have to duplicate them.
– There is a learning curve to the scale of placing items.
– In space, the scale is 1 “unit” to 1.0km

– Build out any unique looking NPCs or ships.

– Grant Mission Dialog, this is what pops up as soon as you hit “HAIL” on the UGC thingie.
** If you want a specific NPC to give the mission, you can cheat by using a Popup immediately following the Grant Mission.
– Include the destination under “Map Mission” on the first transition.
– How transitions are created (automagically)
– Branching dialogs, and how they can be used for puzzles

When to use Contacts, and when to use Groups:
– Contacts: The Bouncing “I”, easier to set up, invincible.
– Groups: Can also be set to assist you in combat. (But can also die!)
– Assigning costumes.
– Invisible objects as workarounds.

Check out Deep Space 11!

More tutorials:
Starbase UGC — —


Interview with Daniel Stahl, Executive Producer:

Tune in to hear:
– Metrics on number of missions created in the Foundry, or # of hours spent playing in it.
– Plans to feature more Foundry missions on a regular basis, and rewards for authors.
– Update on the plan to reorganize Content Teams for better content roll-out.
– The Enterprise Contest is over … why no announcement yet?
– More info on KDF versions of classic Fed missions
– Oberth special ability
– Many details on the Duty Officer System, including THOUSANDS of new missions!


To Helna And Back
– Great script, makes you interested in the mission BEFORE forcing you into combat.
– Long mission, so settle in for quite the tale.
– From a creation standpoint, includes many tricks that a Foundry author can learn from.

Prison Break
– EPIC battles (TOO epic with a full group)
– Really nice ground environments

Dead in Space (Fed?)
– Heard good things, but did not attempt. Requires 5 players for proper scaling.

For Germans:  Wolfsjagd


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