OpenSUSE Followup | LINUX Unplugged 65

OpenSUSE Followup | LINUX Unplugged 65

We follow up on our review of openSUSE 13.2 & discuss how life on the rolling side has been going for some of our LUG members.

Plus the hardware box that promises to replace your password manager & we say goodbye to the Linux Outlaws.

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In a long list of life’s lessons learned, ‘be gentle pushing people onto your new code’ is high up. So we won’t require U8 for everyone even when it’s first class. It will be opt in till most people agree it’s better than U7


openSUSE 13.2 Follow Up

Dear contributors, friends and fans: openSUSE 13.2 is out! After one year on continuous improvement in the tools and procedures and many hours of developing, packaging, testing and fixing issues a new stable release is here providing the best that Free and Open Source has to offer with our special green touch: stable, innovative and fun!


  • openSUSE will always try to install alongside another distro or OS.
  • Any btrfs partition assigned to root will automatically have subvolumes created.
  • As stated, the disc prompt will go away if unselected in Software Repositories module of YaST.


  • gnome-software is good for software discovery and installation.
    • openSUSE didn’t have anything like this until now.
  • Software Management is the YaST module for more advanced software management.
  • Package Updater runs in the background and prompts via notification if there are updates.
  • Software Repositories is the YaST module for configuring software repositories.
  • YMP One-Click Installer extension for Chrome (

Font Rendering


  • Initial article
  • Facts about Tumbleweed and Factory Merging
  • Tumbleweed and Factory are now synonymous under the name Tumbleweed (as of November 4th)
  • Factory continues to be the name of the development project.
  • A how-to will be published soon, until then:
  • Factory is aliased to Tumbleweed for 6 months, after which Factory repos will no longer exist.
  • Is truly rolling.
    • Tumbleweed was a stable base with rolling packages and kernel.
  • Snapshot ISOs are available.

Goodbye to Linux Outlaws

After more than seven years of Linux Outlaws, my co-host Dan and myself have decided to end the show. This decision has been a while in the making and it is with a heavy heart that I am committing to finally announce it.

Mooltipass: Open Source Offline Password Keeper

Our team believes that great security can only be achieved through complete transparency. That’s why we have been publishing everything that goes into making the Mooltipass on our GitHub repository from the project’s start.

Just like Linux-based operating systems, open source allows our product to benefit from many engineers’ expertise. This results in better code quality, more trust from our final users and verified security implementation.

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