Your Password | FauxShow 199

Your Password | FauxShow 199

Angela and Chris discuss with the mumble chat room all about passwords. Mostly things we don’t like about passwords, security questions, captchas, services and devices to store passwords.

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— Show Notes: —

Hi Angerz, and Chris

When Chris said he wanted some ideas about things that bug me on the internet during LAS preshow I was too lazy to open IRC and thought you guys would probably get it anyway, well surprise surprise you missed it, and I dont see how.

Its such a big issue you can probably do a whole show on it.

Its passwords! all aspects of passwords and not just passwords but logging’s too, I know we cant do without them but here is what bugs me:

  1. People forget their passwords, before the good ol days of social networks, I setup a gallery for family photos so my family abroad could see them, the thing is they never logged in to use it and constantly forgot their passwords.
  2. having to create a login for each site to download content or post comments is annoying
  3. sites that have silly rules like username has to be between 8 and 13 characters long and contain the letter ‘n’, password is too long you password cant be longer than 5 characters, etc.
  4. password management has become a nightmare, if you not using something to keep track of all your passwords how will you remember which sites you registered on and what username.password you used? and dont suggest have a common username and password you will get Alan(TechSnap) started on how thats a bad idea
  5. Talking about techsnap the other thing is people using weak passwords and then get hacked
  6. Security question, like this really ever helped anyone
  7. image captures required when logging in, I can never read those stupid things
  8. ‘Remeber me’, keeping people logged in is just silly once the browser window is closed they should have to log in again
  9. browsers remembering passwords for you, why dont you just throw your security out the window

Chris, Im sorry I wasnt there for you buddy, but seriously how could you miss this one! I know I know you use last pass and its a non issue but having all your eggs (or nuts or balls, whatever you call them) in one basket is a bit risky especially since that basket belongs to someone else, if they trip and fall you might get hurt.

So Angerz, im sorry its a bit longwinded and if you already done a Faux on passwords I suppose its all in vain. Just thought I should give my 2 cent.


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