The Shuttles have Landed | J@N

The Shuttles have Landed | J@N

Yesterday, the world celebrated the fifty year anniversary of the day humans first made the epic leap to leave our terrestrial bounds, and sail among the stars. In celebration of this epic event, we’re dedicating tonight’s episode to the Yuri Gagarin, and then using this historical discussion as a launching point to talk about the end of the US’ Space Shuttle Program, and the retirement of our four existing space shuttles.

Joining us for this epic space tale, is our resident space geek, Heather (aka “Mars_Base”).

Let’s get spacey!

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First Flight:
-Yuri Gagarin  [WIKI]
-Free YouTube Movie – First Orbit – from archival audio with new footage from the ISS
-First human into space & first to orbit the Earth
-Height : 5’2”
-Path of Orbit PIC
-American Alan Shepard went up <month later
-Died <7 years after that flight in a training exercises accident, didn’t see man land on the Moon

The Shuttle Program:
-First flight of the Space Shuttle April 12, 1981
-Two man crew that lasted ~ 2 days
-Only 1 of two flights to have the White [painted] External Tank … not paining them provided a weight savings of approximately 272 kilograms (600 lb)

Shuttle Program Highlights:
Hubble Space Telescope- Launch & 4 servicing missions
-ISS / MIR :
–Started construction in 1998
JAVA Applet to track the ISS

Shuttle Program Artifacts to Educational Institutes:
* Non-profit Museums, Universities, and Schools
-Welcome to NASA Space Programs – Historic Artifacts Prescreening
Space Shuttle Tiles for Teachers

Future homes / Shuttle ‘Retirement Homes’:
Artist Redition of the 4 Exibits
-Discovery – Virginia – Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum [Replacing the Enterprise exhibit]
-Atlantis – Florida – Kennedy Space Center
-Endeavour – Los Angeles, CA – California Science Center
-Enterprise [prototype] – New York, NY –  Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum


Additional Info:
-Columbia @Wikipedia
-Challenger @Wikipedia
-Discovery @Wikipedia
-Atlantis @Wikipedia
-Endeavour @Wikipedia
Interactive Flash on The Shuttle from NASA
Shuttle Mate-Demate Device
NASA Chief’s Big Decision: Where Should the Space Shuttles Retire?
The Most Memorable Space Shuttle Missions


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