Debian Community Divided | LINUX Unplugged 67

Debian Community Divided | LINUX Unplugged 67

We recap the recent mini-exodus in the Debian project & discuss how the tone of discussion around systemd has had some terrible consequences. We follow that with some concrete ideas of what we can do to change that tone.

Plus we take a stroll down fantasy lane and wave our magic wands and solve our top three Linux pain points, some great follow up & much more.

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Something BIG is about to begin


Debian sees a mini-exodus around systemd discussions

This morning, I resigned as a member of the systemd maintainer team.
I then proceeded to leave the relevant IRC channels and announced this
on twitter. The responses I’ve gotten have been almost all been
heartwarming. People have generally been offering hugs, saying thanks
for the work put into systemd in Debian and so on. I’ve greatly
appreciated those (and I’ve been getting those before I resigned too,
so this isn’t just a response to that). I feel bad about leaving the
rest of the team, they’re a great bunch: competent, caring, funny,
wonderful people. On the other hand, at some point I had to draw a
line and say “no further”.

I hereby resign from the systemd maintainer team in Debian. Please
remove me from Uploaders on the next upload. You’ve been an awesome
team to work with, but the load of the continued attacks is just
becoming too much.

What are the draw backs of Linux?

Hey there,

I’ve been considering more and more moving over to linux. Now, I use my computer a lot to work and unfortunately the business world is ridden with Windows. I’m currently on a Mac and the good thing with that has been that there’s Office for OS X. I don’t like office but it just makes life so much easier to run it as everyone else does and I’ve had my fare share of issues trying to send documents not created natively in office where layouts differ etc.
But more importantly besides the small thing that is MS office, what other drawbacks should I take into consideration.
I’m fully aware that Linux is awesome software, but I’m asking the question from the perspective of someone using ones computer mainly to work and casual surfing. Casual stuff I know won’t be a problem, just worried about the draw backs in a work environment.

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