Gnome 3 Review | LAS | s16e05

Gnome 3 Review | LAS | s16e05

Perched on our front porch and ready to spring into ACTION, we review Gnome 3! Are the punk kids making a mess of our lawn, or is this the future of desktop Linux? We discuss!

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Runs Linux:
Russia will be running Linux by 2012

Linux Fest Northwest Meet-up:
April 30th – May 1st
Bellingham, WA
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Android Pick:
Supported devices

Linux Pick:

Here’s The Third Humble Indie Bundle
-Being dubbed “The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle”.
-With two of the five titles coming from the Frozenbyte game studio.
-Trine: a side-scrolling puzzle game released by Frozenbyte in 2009, making the Linux debut. to become a “community-based project”
Some Ubuntu Unity usability testing results


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