Rooting for the Kids | LAS 340

Rooting for the Kids | LAS 340

Charlie Reisinger the pioneer of an extremely forward looking program to give every student a Linux laptop joins us. Find out how they integrate the students into the IT program, why they give their students root access & much more. It’s a truly inspiring story of how Linux can make a difference in education.

Plus the Jolla tablet is real, and boy is it funded! Ubuntu Phone rumors get white hot, our picks of the week…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Charlie Reisinger


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Our Runs Linux from HDR Photography on Linux | LAS s30e06 | January 19, 2014

  • Many large Commercial software vendors are transitioning to a subscription model. Does this create an even great lockin for schools?

  • One-to-One programs are very expensive, and the argument I’ve always heard was: Must use Windows, must use Office. Have get the kids ready for the “real world” that uses those tools. Is there a sound argument to that “concern”?

  • Linux and open source give students the ability to go very deep into how the computer works, if they are motivated and want to embrace their inquisitive nature. How far down the rabbit hole are your young Linux users permitted to go? How much can they explore?

  • Can you tell us how the Fast Linux Deployment Toolkit was created, and what it does?

  • What are some of the most useful open source software and tools you, or the students use?

  • What is the biggest road block others should expect?

Charlie Reisinger of Penn Manor gives talk at All Things Open 2014 |

Charlie Reisinger from the Penn Manor School District talked to us next about open source at his school. This talk was an expanded version of his lightning talk from the previous night.

Penn Manor has nine IT team members which is a very lean staff for 4500 devices. They also do a lot of their technology in house. But, before we talk about open source, Charlie took a tangent into the nature of education today. He says that school districts are so stuck on the model they’re using and have used for centuries, but today kids can learn anything they would like with a simple connection to the Internet. You can be connected to the most brilliant minds that you’d like, so teachers are no longer the fountains of all knowledge. A glaring gap in this evolution is that the classroom hasn’t been transformed by technology; if you walked into a classroom 60 years ago, it would look pretty much like a classroom today.

Enabling students in a digital age: Charlie Reisinger at TEDxLancaster – YouTube

Charlie Reisinger, an innovative IT Director for Penn Manor school district in Lancaster County, shows how to provide affordable, new digital technologies to high school students. The answer is not only a cost-effective way to improve the quality of education, it is opening students’ minds.

1:1 Laptop Program | PM Technology Blog

During the 2012-2013 school year, a committee comprised of faculty, administrators and a school board liaison worked to evaluate the viability of a district 1:1 computing program. After several months of internal discussion and public board presentations, a recommendation to proceed with a 1:1 laptop program at Penn Manor High School was unanimously approved at the April 1, 2013 school board meeting. The recommendation called for the program to commence with a pilot during the Fall of 2013. The full building implementation began in January 2014. At that time, each full-time high school student was provided with a personal laptop computer for use throughout the school day and at home.

Parents: We encourage you to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document: 1to1ParentFAQ.pdf.

Penn Manor School District · GitHub


Runs Linux

Jaguar Cars and System Architects, Run Linux

Desktop App Pick

MOC – music on console

MOC (music on console) is a console audio player for LINUX/UNIX designed to be powerful and easy to use.

You just need to select a file from some directory using the menu similar to Midnight Commander, and MOC will start playing all files in this directory beginning from the chosen file. There is no need to create playlists as in other players.

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Native Gtk+ Twitter client for the Linux desktop

Corebird is a modern, easy and fun Twitter client, just what you were looking for, right?

— NEWS —

Jolla Tablet

Be a part of making the world’s first truly crowdsourced tablet, powered by Sailfish OS 2.0.

Mozilla ends Google relationship, Firefox will now default to Yahoo in the US

Mozilla and Yahoo have signed a five-year deal. As part of the deal, Yahoo is going to start honoring the Do Not Track feature when used by Firefox users to limit Yahoo’s ability to track user activity across the Web through advertisements. Yahoo is also going to roll out a new search interface for American Firefox users, starting in December.

Crowdfunding project promises a “laptop that respects essential freedoms”

Based on the Intel i7-4712MQ processor, the 15.6-inch Librem 15’s base configuration will come with an Nvidia GT840M, 4GB of RAM, a 500 gigabyte hard drive, and an actual CD/DVD drive. The Librem will have three USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, an SDXC card slot, and a “pop-down” RJ-45 Ethernet port, in addition to an Atheros-based 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter, a 720p built-in camera, HD audio, and a backlit keyboard.

Ubuntu Phone Partner ‘Bq’ Holding Mystery Press Event Next Week

BQ Readers, one of two companies who plan to ship mobile handsets powered by Ubuntu for Phones, is holding a mystery media event next week, November 25, 2014, to announce three new products.



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