Simple Genius Ideas | FauxShow 201

Simple Genius Ideas | FauxShow 201

Angela and Chris go through a list of simple but genius ideas that would make things in life easier. This is kind of like a shower thoughts executed in real life.

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Anthony writes:

I was looking into your options as far as monthly subscriptions. I was hoping there was a way to put money toward specific shows. I’m never live, and I don’t send in any feedback. I’d like to be included in the head count for which ever shows I do listen to. Not to mention, I’m a money where my mouth is kind of guy.

Is there any options towards this endeavor?

Thanks for the great shows and keep up the good work.

TechDog writes:

Just stumbled across this and although you are not running any desktop related thing at the moment I thought you might find it amusing.

Here’s how I did it:
I removed the monitor, took a picture of the desk without it, put the monitor back and used that picture for the wall paper. Invisible monitor! Trip out!

I kept it for awhile but had to replace it with a conventional wallpaper because my eyes didn’t know how to focus properly.


Aviad writes:

Hello Chris and his JB crew (hhh that sounds like an awesome band name πŸ˜‰

I just wanted to ring in to say, thank you for making me sound smarter πŸ™‚

Today, my boss pings me in the open-space where we sit, and asks me:
Have you heard about XFS? Why aren’t we using it for our Mongos? (BTW without actually saying he read it was better for anything)

To which I reply:
Yes, I think its the one where the lead dev had murdered his wife (later “found” that it was reiserfs), so development on it has stopped. With the above said, I have heard that it is “the SSD ready” filesystem, and that we should give it a go…

Another dev in the open-space overhearing, asked:
Wasn’t Zfs the “insane” one?
To which I replied… no… Zfs, is “the gift from the sun”… and when they get done porting it to Linux and it will be out of the 1.X phase which has missing Zfs features, we will consider it…

Right after that the boss informed us he found it was reiserfs and not XFS, to which I replied with: oh silly me… I always get these two confused… (even though I didn’t… I just wanted the shock value… moo ha ha)

So again thank you for empowering me with Chris’s tribulations, Allan’s wisdom, Michael’s inappropriateness and Brian’s mischief.

You may use this in any show you feel it appropriate (if its more then 1 better yet :), As you can tell I watch them all.
May the USS enterprise-JB never sees to explore the podcast frontier πŸ™‚

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