Lucky Shot | STOked 78

Lucky Shot | STOked 78

After the guys sift out the best from the latest engineering report, they dig into some of the most import aspects of building a fun Foundry Mission.

Plus more details on the Duty Officer System, customizable ground kits, and a quick review of the new Oberth ship!

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Show Notes:

Engineering Report
– Trying to squeeze out some new content by May
* New? Or Remastered Doomsday and P’jem?
– Foundry mission wrapper (as mentioned in interview last week)
* Already on Tribble. Go test it!  Make sure it works.
– Sol System planets are in testing? Neat-o!
* I would like to use Jupiter Station for UGC.
– “Ability to summon Away Team to your location.”
* How about fix them from falling through the world instead? Or both. Yeah, both!
– New FED tutorial? WHUT. Existing tutorial becoming a KA STF prequel mission (high level)
– Converting First Officer to Player AND VICE VERSA
* … why “vice versa?” Only one slot available for both?
– Repurposing some Feature Episode maps as new PVP maps.
* Chris can haz The Vault?
– Adding BOFF abilities to power list on the ground (so you can slot them)
* YES! – Chris’ G19 keyboard is going to work! 

Customizable Kits?
“systems design is discussing a kit redesign that would allow players to customize their powers by rank” – dStahl

Duty Roster Details Outlined
– Assignments may have requirements (e.g., these two slots on the assignment may only be filled by engineers) and may also have modifiers (e.g., this slot gives you a better chance of success if it is filled by an Andorian or a duty officer with the Trader trait).
– Which assignments are available will change every few hours, and may also be gated by your captain’s rank, what sector you are in, and other achievements.
– Adding Doffs will never give you active abilities to fill up your toolbar. Only passives/procs.

Oberth – quick review by Chris (Jeremy’s not insane enough to buy this POS)

Tweet Leaks:
More skirt/boot options coming soon
San Francisco begins! (note a famous bridge in the distance?)
Concept art for the new Klingon academy
Screenshot of new First City hub map
– Gozer: “Imaga and P’jem done.” // “Starting on new Space tutorials.

STO Podcaster’s Summit — Highlights in Next Week’s Episode
Red Shirt Army, Priority One, Hailing Frequency, TrekRadio, Podcast UGC and STOked
– Also special guest star(s?) from Cryptic Studios!



Write A Good Story, with guest critic Peregrine_Falcon


“What classic defining moments from the rest of Star Trek would you like to see inspire missions or moments in the Foundry?”

Weekly Foundry Mission Suggestions:

“Conjoined” by Denizen VI (FED)
Story-heavy, lots of reading, almost zero fighting. AMAZING environments with meticulous care given to creating them. Very interesting techno-babble driven story, felt very TREK.

“Shine a Light” by Darren_Kitlor (KDF)
You are invited to help with wedding preparations for a Great House, to bring honor to your own house. Finally a KDF mission that delves deeper into their lore and history, and not just killing stuff, drinking and boasting. (though that’s still part of it, of course)

“Fungus Among Us” by Borticus (FED)
Yes, it’s my mission. Yes, I’m shamelessly plugging it. Yes, it’s worth your time to play it.

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