Dock Your Rocket | CR 131

Dock Your Rocket | CR 131

Has Docker’s wild success caused it grow too big & too corporate? In light of the CoreOS project’s announcement of Rocket we’ll reflect on the big problem both projects needs to solve.

Plus our plans to involve community around building an API for Jupiter Broadcasting, your feedback & more!

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GUI building

At 4 minutes in you get to see an old interface designer in action, which seems very simple and better than many even now! Nice to see a glimpse of Xcode’s history.

Ewww, You Use PHP? | MailChimp Email Marketing Blog

Lately here at MailChimp we’ve been trying to bring in more developers to help us keep the innovation coming fast and furious as the application grows in scope and scale. It’s always been difficult for us to hire really good developers, just because of where we are. Our office is here in Atlanta GA, not exactly a hotbed of cool startups in the last few years. On top of that we’re fundamentally an email company, which is far from a sexy problem for geeks to sink their teeth into. But the biggest negative reaction we get when hiring new developers is when we mention the programming language we use.

Ewww, you use PHP? I thought you were cool!

Yes, I’m afraid we have to come clean. We use PHP here at MailChimp.

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